Welcome to the Freedom Through Choice Foundation


The Freedom Through Choice Foundation (FTCF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting all people to engage their inherent personal power in all aspects of their lives.  What do we mean by personal power?   Personal power is the mastery over all aspects of our being—our emotional body, our mental body and our physical body—both the conscious and the unconscious.  We believe that each of us has this ability of mastery, and that all we really need to do is to exercise it by to making conscious choices.  It sounds simple.

However, if we look closely at our thoughts and our actions, we may come to the uncomfortable realization that unconscious patterns are driving our thoughts and behaviors, not choices. Some of these patterns serve us well, but many do not.  Nevertheless, they show up everywhere, in our self-image and in our relationships, and across our all of our perceptions and behaviors. Despite the fact that we’ve rarely investigated or evaluated their relevance to our lives in relation to who we truly are or what we truly believe, these unconscious patterns are constantly working in the background of our lives. Where did these patterns come from? They were often formed when we were very young, but they may also be habits which came about later in our lives. But, whatever or whenever their origins, non-constructive patterns can be replaced by new, more conscious and self-actualizing choices.

While the FTCF is an egalitarian rather than a religious organization, we believe that the spiritual nature—the center of our being—will always be at the core of our offerings. We believe that each of us has a direct connection to our spiritual source. It doesn’t matter what you call that spiritual source…God, Allah, Jehovah, Mohammad, your Higher Self. We simply call that center Source. We believe that it is from this place where we can generate our new choices and our new ways of being. Further, we believe it is from this place we begin our process of mastery, and exercise our greatest gift of conscious free will. The mastery we speak of is one of the peaceful integration and synocratic governance over all aspects of ourselves—whether they be our spiritual, mental, emotional or physical aspects.

Our Offerings

The FTCF offers programs that are geared to self-empowerment and practical spirituality. We offer opportunities that can assist in releasing unconscious thought patterns that may be stuck and out of balance so our lives will manifest new and empowering free-will choices which reflect our true nature.  When our thought patterns change, so does our reality. Our reality can be as creative, liberating and self-fulfilling as we choose.

Freedom from Addictions

Alcohol, drugs, food, sex and fill-in-the-blank addictions are all need-fulfilling behaviors. All but a few are born without addiction. Instead, need-fulfilling behaviors were learned, and then became solutions for coping with the world. It doesn’t matter if we were genetically predisposed, environmentally predisposed, or the addiction just started slowly by some choices made long ago—we can change!

The psychology of addiction is multi-faceted and complex. Every individual has their own story, and everyone pursues their addictions to fulfill different needs. Whether we are escaping abandonment, loneliness, resentment, fear, inadequacy, poor self-image, or whatever else we are coping with by our addictions, we have the power to override the existing program. It is a matter of new choices.

When those choices are made, the FTCF Addiction Support Program offers a path of simple yet powerful choices that an individual can make to free the current thought patterns and choose new ones which reflect the wholeness and perfection inherent in us all. We offer a toolbox of powerful techniques to assist in this process of change toward personal power.

Pathways to Wholeness

It is the belief of the FTCF that we are spiritual beings temporarily being human. We believe that spiritual integrity leads to an inner peace that is immutable and unshakeable. Further, when we achieve that place of inner peace, no one can take away our personal power. Our Pathways to Wholeness Program (PWS) are a road map to becoming beings who are more reflective of the spark of Source within us. Some of the self-actualizing concepts we will explore in fun and enlightening ways are: freeing ourselves from the “blame game”, practicing detachment, mastering our personal energies, and allowance. Each Pathway is intended to assist the user to become more “self aware” and in doing so reclaim absolute control over their personal power and therefore the life experience.

Children’s  Empowerment Series (Coming Soon)

Our children are taught many things in school, but their education is sadly lacking in the understanding of their personal power. Our Children’s Empowerment Series (CES) offers imaginative stories to help children cope with bullying, learning how to saying no, and other challenges our children face in their day-to-day lives.  This series is geared for young children starting their elementary school career. Our CES program teaches many of the things we wish we’d learned when we were in elementary school. However, we were rarely taught the ABC’s of personal power and integrity.

Organizational History and Structure

The Freedom Through Choice Foundation was birthed from the desire of the founding Board of Directors to provide resources for empowered living. This Board is comprised of individuals who have spent decades in active service for the betterment of the human experience. Several members have personal experience with addiction and now enjoy successful, long-term recovery. They have set up a phased growth program which will provide sound resources and training for all individuals to acquire self-empowering as well as self-actualizing skills.