Wisdom as Jewels

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As I close the door on 2014 and prepare to begin 2015, I took some time to review the lessons I learned in 2014. What had I learned and what Wisdom am I taking with me as I begin the new year?

It was amazing how many little things I had relearned as well as new wisdom to add to my “jewel chest.” I had a friend who had shared this concept with me many years ago and I have found that it works for me. Common usage labels strengths, skills, techniques, etc. as a “tool chest.”  While that is descriptive, it reeks of work and hard labor. On the other hand, acquiring jewels makes me think of color, beauty, life sparkle, and other adjectives that reflect how I would prefer to see my efforts out-picture.

So, Wisdom for me is a jewel to be treasured, nurtured and worn proudly! Let me share a few of the things I learned anew or relearned as I hadn’t paid enough attention to them the first time!

♥  Be patient and gentle with myself!

♥  Allow and accept help from others!

♥  Be present in my life!

♥  Appreciate what I have been graced with in this life!

Before you make a list setting out goals for the coming year, take the time to reflect on what you learned from last year. As you see your jewel chest overflowing with all of your colorful, sparkling, exciting jewels, notice how your life changes!

See your value in your wisdom! 

Make a commitment to adding to your Jewel Chest in 2015!

Power of Receiving


We all love to give to others and feel wonderful when we do. We love to see the joy others feel when we give to them. Yet we often feel uncomfortable when others give to us.

There is an expansion and contraction to the universe, so there must be both a giving and receiving. This is part of prosperity consciousness. We need to receive love as well as give love–to receive praise as well as praise others–to receive caring as well as care for others. The receiving is part of the energy cycle of “what we send out comes back to us multiplied.” 

Receiving graciously and allowing it to flow back out into the universe is the grace-filled way to act. What is selfish is in “not receiving.” It closes the flow of Source’s Grace and Good. The result is that it does not allow anyone else the opportunity to give, the opportunity to open the heart and send out love in any form.

We are taught to give selflessly to others, and that this makes us a good person. Yes, it is good to give without expecting anything in return; this is one of the Laws of Prosperity. The twist comes when we are also taught that it is selfish to want anything for ourselves, something to make our lives feel more beautiful. We are caught in the trap of “it is better to give than to receive,” and we continually give and give and give, sending our energy out, day after day, and deny ourselves the gifts from the universe flowing back to us in response. This is a grave injustice to Life and blocks the flows of Prosperity. One has to be able to receive as well as give.

Practice Loving Acceptance

Practice the words, “thank you.” When people give us something the first thing we often say is, “oh, you shouldn’t have” or “oh, you didn’t have to give me anything.” That is true…they did not have to give us anything, but they chose to do so. If we refuse to accept, then we are deliberately stopping their prosperity as well as ours.

Learn to become a gracious and loving receiver. When you refuse to accept, the receiving stops, which means the giving to you also stops. This starts to block the prosperity channels. Here the universe was trying to say “YES!” and you said “NO!” Learn to say YES!

If someone gives you something you cannot use, gratefully accept it and pass it on. Perhaps you are the conduit for someone else receiving what they need, and if you refuse to accept and pass it on, what they need never comes to them.

Completing the Cycle of Receiving and Giving

We complete the energy cycle and release this idea into the universe by giving thanks for the opportunity to receive and give. Giving thanks puts us into alignment with joy; and the more thanks we give, the more joy we receive. It operates under the universal law of tithing: the more we give the more we receive. This is how the cycle of abundance works. But the giving has to be done out of full-heartedness, not out of a sense of obligation or grudging acceptance.

 When we give out of a sense of gratitude to life, life always give back…



Intentions for 2015

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Growing up on a ranch surrounded by vineyards, the new year was always important. It was a fallow time of anticipation as we waited for the first sign of life. The tiniest bud that would indicate new growth, new possibilities, new life! All of the things we are anticipating for 2015 as we set our intentions for our future.

The best intentions always focus around intangibles. From these underlying thoughts our lives out-picture.  So, I have listed a few intentions/goals below to get you thinking as you ready yourself for the New Year!!

I AM Perfect, Whole, and Complete just as I am!

LOVE FLOWS through me 24/7!

I AM a Beacon of Happiness!

I SEE the Cup 1/2 Full in everything I do!

I AM a Positive Person!

Change how you think and your world changes!!

Holiday Heart!


 All I want for the Holidays is an Open Heart!


For so many years, my heart was closed or only partially open.  Through fear, I had felt the need to protect myself from the world around me, relationships, myself and on and on. One day I realized that this wasn’t working for me.  I was miserable, depressed, isolated, and existing in a life that wasn’t worth living. Something had to be done! But what to do?

I had been traveling my Spiritual Path through using the principles of Science of Mind as formulated by Ernest Holmes and it came to me that I was going through the motions and not really embodying what I was telling myself I believed. I needed the change that comes from within and I knew that I hadn’t visited my “within” in a long time. Here, I thought was where to begin my spiritual transformation.

Daily I began to use the tools of meditation, prayer, monitoring my thoughts, being grateful, trying to stay in the now moment, and slowly I began to see positive changes! This was so exciting.  Tangible feedback that something was working in my life. Seeing the improvement, I was encouraged to continue my daily disciplines/tools to create change.

As I look back so many years later, I realize now that my goal of spiritual transformation was really one of “Opening my Heart.” I had opened the door to the flow of the “Divine Love of Source” and it felt good! No longer was I alone and isolated, but so Loved Filled that I could only see this world through the Eyes of Love.

Seeing the Divine in everything, I could only be Love, See Love, Connect with Love, and become Loving Source Manifested in this world. I had become the verb of Loving!

Now, I go about my daily living recognizing the Divine in everything. Connecting with the Divine in those I interact with, I no longer see only their perceived failings, but the pain of their journey where I can empathize and feel compassion, the joy of their successes where they have completed another step of their spiritual journey in this life and recognize the Gift that we all are to Source and this world!

Open your Heart and be the Gift of Divine Love Everlasting!

Remembering What Works!


This week has been an emotionally learning one.  My ride to “wisdom” has not always been easy and this one was no exception.  One of my “flows” had stopped flowing.  It was blocked and there appeared to be no moving it.  Nothing was working.  Sharing my situation with a dear friend, she saw that a brick wall was blocking my flow and my feet were moving a hundred miles an hour in an effort to knock it down.  What she further got was that I had to stop fighting it and surrender to what is.  Now I know all of that, but for some reason it had not permeated my conscious mind in the fear of the moment.

Fear is a big part of what is happening when things aren’t working. It can crop up so suddenly and stop everything!  Thankfully I have surrounded myself with a group of family and friends who will remind me of what I have lost touch with in the emotional moment of what is happening.  They are:

♥  Focus on the present moment and start your gratitude list. Being grateful for all of the small and big things that are working on a daily basis brings the focus back to what is working and how much of your life is working!

♥  Fighting goes against the flow! Fighting what is keeps us stuck in place  and allows nothing to flow.

♥  Surrender = Acceptance. Sit down, close your eyes, use your breathing to relax and accept the moment as it is. Keep doing this and string the moments together like a necklace until Acceptance enters your world and lives there.

♥  Focus on your strengths! What we focus our thoughts on manifests in our lives. Our strengths are Love, Gratitude, Acceptance, Sharing, Connecting, and seeing life through the eyes of awe and beauty!

♥  Our Strengths are what helped us to survive and evolve through life. By building on them, flow happens as an out-picturing of them at work.

If your week isn’t working out as you would like, take the time to reread this Blog and think about what I experienced and what I needed to remember.  Consider writing the 5 things to remember down so that you have them with you at all times. When the going gets rough, bring them out and reread them to remind you in this moment what to do.

Surrender = Acceptance

Accepting what is allows our flow to return!

A Holiday Gift For Me

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Over the years of my spiritual journey, I learned a number of things about “self value”. It started with an awareness of what I was doing during a shopping trip.  I had gone into a store for something I needed and while there saw that they had a great price on bras. Having 2 daughters, I immediately started searching for their sizes. I put what I found in the cart and then realized that I hadn’t put what I had come into the store to find into the cart. I wouldn’t have enough money for it if I bought the gifts for the girls.

I stopped for a moment to determine whether or not I really needed what I was going to buy for me never once considering why I was putting my girls first.  They were grown and had moved away from home and were living their own lives. Yet, I was still putting them first at my expense. I pondered this for months afterwards as I again and again revisited how I was thinking about and treating myself.

From this awakening, I began to compile a list of how I wanted to treat Me and work on embodying these thoughts and actions.

♥   I have value!

♥   I am worthy of being loved both by myself and by others!

♥   When it comes to money, it is okay to put myself first!

♥   I deserve being taken care of and provided for 24/7!

♥   By taking care of myself I show both myself and others my value!

So, as you shop for the holidays, keep my actions in mind. Do you spend all your money on others? Do you max out your credit cards to buy gifts for others? Or, do you put yourself first and make sure you have everything you need and then, review what gifts you can share with others.

One of the easiest gifts to share is Love. For many, it is easier to buy a material gift than to share ourselves, but material gifts come and go. Love shared lasts forever! I have found that many try and buy love through presents, but love can’t be bought. It may only be given and received. 

Spend time giving and receiving Love this Holiday Season!

Give and Receive the gift that lasts forever!

Spread the Love!

If I Could Have One Thing What Would It Be?


What is the one thing in life you would have if it were possible?  This is a question worth considering over and over. There are so many tangible, material things we all want above and beyond what we have. How many times have we wished for or sought money, career, success, new car, jewelry, etc., etc., etc. So, how do we narrow it down? Or, maybe it is an intangible something. Again, how to narrow it down and focus on just one thing.

I pondered this for weeks as I evaluated my life, what I have achieved and what I hope to achieve.  What had value to me? I began to realize that for me, it was an intangible connection and expression.  Not something I could pull out and put on display, but something that was deep within me and had become an essential part of my Beingness and Spiritual Expression.

It was something that I realized I could not live without and it had 2 components to it.  It had a dimensional aspect to it along with how it manifested within me in this world. I use it and am it daily. I would gift it to everyone if I could. It is a gift to self that keeps on giving and giving.  What is this wondrous thing that excites and motivates me to continue on my spiritual journey? It is simply:

My relationship with Source and its appearance in my Beingness as an Open Heart!

I happen to call the spiritual or higher power that I relate to Source.  But it could be God, Goddess, All That Is, Universal Mind….so many names for One All Encompassing Power! Find the name that works for you and use it as you use the statement above as a daily thought to ponder. Then, spend time viewing the picture above and allow the beauty and largeness of it enter you.  Realize the beauty that it represents and know that you are a part of this magnificence.

As you reflect on this article in the weeks to come, use the following ideas that were mentioned above to help  you realize your Open Heart!

♥ Daily affirm “My relationship with Source and its appearance in my life as my open heart is the foundation of my life!

♥ Daily do an open eye meditation. Find a scene in nature, or a piece of art that moves you, a sunset, anything that brings you a feeling of peace, oneness, beauty, or love and gaze at it for 5 minutes or more while breathing it in and making it a part of yourself.

♥ As you do the open eyed meditation, also incorporate a mantra such as “I AM this beauty!” Or, possibly use ” I AM LOVE!”

Thankfulness, Gratitude and the Now Moment



Thankfulness and Gratitude are part of living in the Now moment. Living each day moment by moment allows one to appreciate all that is here, all that we are and all that the world has to offer.

There is more than the hatred, killing and destruction that occupies our news cycles 24/7. There is also hope, love, joy, sharing, and so much more. This is where I focus as I go about moment by moment living. The beauty of nature, a smile in the grocery store, courtesy as I drive through town, respect as a door is held open for me. There is so much in my life to be thankful for and sometimes gratitude so overwhelms me that it brings me to tears.

Living this way is a choice. I choose to live focusing on what works in a healthy loving way. I choose to see the beauty and the best in everyone and everything around me. I know that what I focus on manifests and I am tired of manifesting the negative emotions that I lived with earlier in my life.

I challenge anyone reading this to try it for a week or longer. Notice how you feel towards living and toward those in your life. See if your step isn’t lighter, smiles more readily appear on your face and your eyes have more light in them as you look into the mirror. No matter how desperate our circumstances, we have the Power to Choose how we feel.

Know that when we change, our world changes, and the world at large changes bit by bit. The more love and gratitude we generate, the more love and gratitude there is in the world. If we want peace, we first have to find it within ourselves!

Live your moments to the fullest and make the world a better place for all of creation! And remember, You Are Loved!!



Gratitude and Abundance


The largest percentage of the population live their entire lives feeling like the things they would like to experience are out of their reach. Many live their life with even the most basic necessities being out of reach.

Lack consciousness has always been and continues to be the “cause” for the seemingly lack of abundance that the earth population experience but very few remember how the process works and what the root cause is behind lack.

In order to understand the root cause we must allow our self to remember that “thoughts create”. Thoughts are not just something that are here one minute and gone the next. When we experience our thoughts we are experiencing “energy in motion”.

Our physical body is designed to pay attention to our thoughts, our thoughts are the “only” thing that is running our physical body. That may be hard to imagine because we focus on the workings of the body form; blood flow, oxygen flow, etc. and give little if any attention to the fact that our body is made of energy.

The thoughts we “adopt as our beliefs” are what determine the experiences we will have in our life time. Beliefs are thoughts that are in constant motion, they are thoughts that run on auto pilot and most of them flow through us without us paying attention to them.

When we are a child we are in the process of “acquiring our beliefs”. As an infant we only know what our “needs” are and cry when we desire our needs to be taken care of. But as we grow to be an adult we adopt our beliefs based on our experiences and beliefs passed down to us from those around us.

As a child we dream, imagine and pretend what we want to “be when we grow up” and cannot wait until we grow up so we can experience our dreams. The childhood experience seems to take forever when you are experiencing it but when it is over and you must be a responsible adult it seems like childhood was a very short amount of our life experience.

Being a “responsible adult” means growing up to face the world as it is and stop pretending it is something different than what you see before your eyes. At least those are the kind of thoughts we are told as we wonder why life seems to change so drastically when we grow into adulthood.

If the world was ran via the dreams and eyes of a child there would be a whole lot less imbalance within the world because the “dreams of a child” would create differently. Children do not see limitation, they simply glue things together to make them work to create what they desire to experience.

We need to remember these childhood qualities if we desire to experience abundance in our lives because the dreams are thoughts and they create. The adopted beliefs of adulthood squelch the childhood dreams and we go to bed at night worrying about what we don’t have or can’t experience not realizing our body is listening to our thoughts to then wake up the next day and continue to experience the lack we believe exists.

Our body is energy and it sends and receives energy 24 – 7 even if we are not aware that it does. It works to ensure we will experience what we “believe” by drawing the energy to us that is necessary to allow us to experience our beliefs and pushing the energy away from us that we believe we do have not and cannot have.

People deal with the daily challenges of living and trying to survive or to get ahead in life not realizing they are creating the daily challenges because they believe they are experiencing daily challenges.

What is abundance? Abundance is having what is needed to survive; everything else is “desires”. We must first create abundance in our life to ensure we have the basic necessities required to survive and then we can focus on creating the desires. Many people are not aware of what abundance is and think it means great material wealth when abundance means food, water, clothing, shelter from the elements and health.

It does not require much to live a life on earth yet millions of people still go without the daily necessities to survive.

Living “gratitude” is the fastest way to create abundance! Why? Because when we count our blessings and are truly grateful for what we do have instead of focusing on what we think we do not have our body listens and it hears that we like experiencing what we do have and will work to draw the energy to us to allow us to continue to experience what we are thinking about.

The same is true if we are constantly thinking about what we think we do not have; our body listens and will push anything away from us that we tell our self we do not have because we do not have it so we cannot have it because we believe we do not have it.

Perhaps you are playing the pull the bill out of the hat game to rob Peter and pay Paul each month and then worrying about how you are going to accomplish that because you believe you do not have the money needed to pay them all. Can you see the irony of your beliefs? You believe you do not have the money to pay them all so you “will not” have the money to pay them all.

Does that mean that if you change your beliefs, count your blessings and focus on what you do have that tomorrow you are going to experience everything you currently believe you do not have? Not necessarily because your lack beliefs are running in full motion through you to ensure that you will be able to experience them. It will require “seeding” your new thought instructions until you begin to experience them. This is because the new thought patterns must build to a high enough level of energy to override the beliefs you hold that are creating what you desire to change.

Imagine a small child saying over and over, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”. It might seem like child’s play or pretending but it is the way to create and draw to us what we desire to experience.

The thoughts we hold that are running on auto pilot and are creating lack are doing so because we have believed them for so long they have built up enough energy to simply keep running.

I AM statements are the most powerful thought instructions for the body form to create or any statement that begins with “I” because you are stating firmly what You Are and your body is taking that as a strong command.

The process of seeding and creating new thought patterns within us will require some faith until we heal to remember the powerful creator that we are but the most important part of the process is to not lose track of the thought.

When we spend quality time daily focusing on and communing with Source within us and allowing our self to fill our body with the Love of Source we are assisting our body to remember what love feels like. Balance is created within the emotional quality of love as love is balance.

If we seed our new desired thoughts while we are sitting within that Love space with Source the energy we have available to use to seed our new thought patterns is much stronger because we can quite the auto pilot thoughts and allow the body to hear our new thoughts.

Meditation is the process of listening to Source and prayer is the process of expressing “gratitude” to Source for the wonderful abundance that we do have, a process of thanksgiving via the Love that flows through us.

There is nothing wrong with asking Source to assist us to create what we desire to experience but Source allows freewill so if we think that simply by asking Source to assist us to experience something and then walk away and continue to think we cannot experience that something we will continue to experience that we do not have it. Because of this process, many people think that Source does not listen or does not care. Source hears all thoughts, cares and always responds but our beliefs and expectations can keep us from becoming aware of such.

Bargaining with Source to get what you think you want but think you do not have will not work simply because you think you do not have it and you will continue to create that experience.

Within your daily sessions of sitting with Source you could use I AM statements to seed your new thoughts.

  • I AM Abundance
  • I AM Healed
  • I AM Love
  • I AM Whole
  • I AM Beautiful
  • I AM Perfection
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Safe
  • I AM Protected

These are just a few examples of I AM statements but the process is endless. The “key” is to become aware of what your beliefs are and what you need to reprogram within your body and that requires becoming “Thought Aware”, paying attention to your thoughts that run on auto pilot and stopping them when you become aware of what you are thinking and then instantly seeding the healed thought pattern you desire to replace them with.

You must get your body to believe your new balanced thoughts and that requires telling it over and over again until it does. It is the same process you encountered when you did something like learning your A,B,Cs; you continued to work with the sounds, the images, to write them, to sing them until you “memorized them”. When you memorize something it means those thought patterns are running full steam ahead within you and soon you forget the process of creating that and simply experience the thoughts.

You could create little songs to seed your new desired thoughts. Writing them over and over is a wonderful way to turn them on within the body as you are engaging the body in the process, it is as if your entire body becomes the pen.

But you must “believe” as you believed all was possible when you were a child. This is what is meant by the ancient statement that all must become as little children once again because little children “believe they can”.

Plant your garden carefully and then continue to water it with Love then experience the wonderful blooms come to life.