Open Eyed Meditation

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Open eyed meditations are fun.  You can do them anywhere by looking at anything. In this instance, we are going to use the picture posted above.  Just quickly read through the steps and then try it for yourself.  Notice how quickly you can refresh yourself, give yourself an energy boost or release stress build-up.

♥  Take a moment and settle into a comfortable position.

♥  Take a deep breath and begin to gaze at the photo above.  Notice the colors, the shapes and anything else that catches your eye.

♥  Now, allow your gaze to begin focusing on a specific section of the photo.

♥  Next, began to slow your breathing making each breath longer and longer until you no longer are thinking about your breath.

♥  Stay here as long as you wish and when you come back into yourself and again notice the world around you, take the time to savor your experience.

I love doing this type of meditation on a walk, at the lake, or in the garden. Nature in all of its many forms lends itself beautifully to this practice. In a busy day, this short type of meditation works well and integrates into all types of schedules. Try it and see if it can work for you!

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If I Could Have One Thing What Would It Be?


What is the one thing in life you would have if it were possible?  This is a question worth considering over and over. There are so many tangible, material things we all want above and beyond what we have. How many times have we wished for or sought money, career, success, new car, jewelry, etc., etc., etc. So, how do we narrow it down? Or, maybe it is an intangible something. Again, how to narrow it down and focus on just one thing.

I pondered this for weeks as I evaluated my life, what I have achieved and what I hope to achieve.  What had value to me? I began to realize that for me, it was an intangible connection and expression.  Not something I could pull out and put on display, but something that was deep within me and had become an essential part of my Beingness and Spiritual Expression.

It was something that I realized I could not live without and it had 2 components to it.  It had a dimensional aspect to it along with how it manifested within me in this world. I use it and am it daily. I would gift it to everyone if I could. It is a gift to self that keeps on giving and giving.  What is this wondrous thing that excites and motivates me to continue on my spiritual journey? It is simply:

My relationship with Source and its appearance in my Beingness as an Open Heart!

I happen to call the spiritual or higher power that I relate to Source.  But it could be God, Goddess, All That Is, Universal Mind….so many names for One All Encompassing Power! Find the name that works for you and use it as you use the statement above as a daily thought to ponder. Then, spend time viewing the picture above and allow the beauty and largeness of it enter you.  Realize the beauty that it represents and know that you are a part of this magnificence.

As you reflect on this article in the weeks to come, use the following ideas that were mentioned above to help  you realize your Open Heart!

♥ Daily affirm “My relationship with Source and its appearance in my life as my open heart is the foundation of my life!

♥ Daily do an open eye meditation. Find a scene in nature, or a piece of art that moves you, a sunset, anything that brings you a feeling of peace, oneness, beauty, or love and gaze at it for 5 minutes or more while breathing it in and making it a part of yourself.

♥ As you do the open eyed meditation, also incorporate a mantra such as “I AM this beauty!” Or, possibly use ” I AM LOVE!”

Holiday Choices

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In the United States the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner.  Historically, holidays are a time for family gatherings. In many cases, these times end up in pain.  Old wounds are reopened and as they bleed, emotions rule the day.  Words are spoken, arguments abound, drinking escalates and chaos rules the day.

Take a moment and review your last couple of family holiday gatherings.  Were they enjoyable creating good memories or were they something best not remembered?

Take some time this week and reflect on how you would like your Thanksgiving Day and after that, the Christmas holiday season to manifest. It is a choice how we handle our wounds, our emotions, our words, and our behaviors.  If we can’t handle them, we have the choice of leaving the gathering rather than creating more pain.

Consider approaching the upcoming holidays with love, laughter, acceptance and joy. Embrace this time and choose to make it one of the best holiday seasons you have ever had!

Here are some suggested affirmations to repeat daily as you program yourself for a great holiday season.

  • I embrace a holiday season full of laughter!
  • I embrace a holiday season full of friendship, acceptance, and joy!
  • I open my heart and am grateful for this wonderful holiday season!
  • I radiate love everywhere I go!

Have a great holiday!



Releasing the Inner Victim-Victimizer Game


The hard part about releasing the inner VV game is to find the gift within it. Here I am, trying to heal from abuse, both verbal and physical, and you’re telling me to find the gift? Yes. That’s what I had to do to be able to step out of the game.

I wonder sometimes how it all started. It’s almost like I slid into it, a progressive eroding of personal power on a daily basis. I was so young when it started that fear of personal annihilation on some level propelled me into stepping back into myself just to survive. One day I’m being yelled at, the next a slap, then a beating, with a constant drum of verbal abuse being imprinted on my psyche. This is, and was tough…yet there is a gift.

Finding the Gift

For me, the gift was that the abuse forced me to either step into personal power and leave, or die on some level. I had even contemplated suicide. But an inner voice kept reminding me I had a mission, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. And if I killed myself, then I would have to come back into a body and once again try to get to a point where I could complete whatever mission I was supposed to complete. And did I really want to come back again?

So I decided to stay in the body…but in order to stay, I had to make some changes. I had to take personal responsibility for what was happening and make a decision to change the situation I was in.

We have the right to say NO! But we’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t have the power to do so. Others continually cross boundaries because they’re not convinced you mean it…you’ve always given in before because emotionally you couldn’t see your way out of the situation(s). So, it was easier to just give in then keep trying to get out of a box with no perceivable opening.

Now I had to start saying No, and mean it; no backing down this time. I also had to get help so that when I felt weak I had backup, someone to encourage me to keep on holding the line. In addition I started writing down what I needed to do to survive…get a job, housing, food, etc. And then I left and moved in with a friend until I could survive on my own.

Something to Ponder

Something to Ponder: You make a choice and then act on it…that’s stepping into power. This is the beginning of you giving yourself the gift of self-empowerment.

Something to Ponder: If we believe that we co-create everything in our reality, by our thoughts, emotions, and self-concepts (the decisions we make about ourselves), then it’s time to take a look at our lives and find the gift.

Within this situation is the learning to take forward. Whatever I learned has to do with what I’m going to be teaching others. That’s another gift. You’ve made it this far—and you can continue to help others make it also. They’ll learn from how you handled it, how you healed, how you stepped into power.

Mindfulness Part 3

There’s a process when we start to practice mindfulness. We’re not going to be perfect at it, but with practice we can be more authentic in our interaction with all creation.

Starting the Journey

Start with patience, including patience with yourself. It takes time to heal; we have so many levels on which to heal.

Accept that you’ve set yourself a great program for strengthening your spiritual muscles. Now you have to learn to flow and be in the now moment. Can you allow yourself to be in the moment?

Part of being in a state of mindfulness is being aware and accepting others. We all have to take responsibility for the choices we make.

It’s much easier when we attempt to be mindful in the moment, to imagine Source looking out our eyes. We then make choices from this stance. And in being accountable for the choices we make, it’s much easier to do so when we come from the standpoint of Source.

Don’t blame others, because that’s disempowering yourself. In Mastership we take responsibility for everything we say and do. We can only recognize what path we need to follow or what our choices are by being Mindful.

Finally, in developing mindfulness, there’s a question you need to ask yourself to find out what your path in life is. Ask yourself, “What’s your Joy?”


Attitude, Emotion & Addiction


Attitude is a result of energy in motion or emotion and the energy in motion is thought in motion. There are many attitude expressions simply because there are many emotional feelings.

Emotion, as we experience within our body, is only experienced as such within our body. Therefore, the multitude of the emotions we experience within our body are a result of the operation of the body form.

When our conscious expression is not experiencing within the human body form we do not experience any negative emotions. Negative emotions are the result of chemical imbalances which are a result of damage that has occurred within the foundation energetic system of the identity expression.

When the foundation energetic system is in balance with the energy of Source negative emotions do not occur. Balance allows for only positive emotions based on love and love does not hold any imbalance within it.

Memory loss of the truth of creation creates imbalanced, negative emotions with the strongest one being fear. All positive emotions are based on love and all negative emotions are based on fear which is the opposite of love. Hatred is based on fear so the root cause of hatred is fear.

The Source expression of the individual identity does not experience any emotion out of balance with love as Source is balanced love and fear cannot exist within balance.

When we use our thoughts to remember experiences that fill our body with an overwhelming amount of love we are experiencing the chemicals that compose our body coming back into balance.

Some people are dealing with stronger chemical imbalances than others are that are currently too strong for them to be able to bring back into balance at this time which means they are held in a constant state of fear.

The largest percentage of the population are currently held within a constant state of fear as a result of forgetting the truth of creation and the truth of self as Source.

When inner healing occurs to allow the identity to remember they are Source embodied the entire attitude towards life and all within it changes as the emotions begin to heal back into balance.

Everyday life of the earth experience has expressed through fear for such a long time that the masses are not aware fear is not natural and because fear has become the dominant emotion within the masses everyone is held within survival mode.

Expressing in a constant state of survival mode creates a constant state of inner stress and affects the attitude of the individual as their chemical emotional responses always have them sitting on the edge to keep watch and quickly respond to anything.

Being held within survival mode means that the emotional responses will be automatic, snap responses and it is such snap responses that fuel all conflict.

When expressing in a state of survival the tissues and all organs of the body are in a constant state of contraction which blocks flows of the energy of Source, within which the love and balance of Source reside.

This is why meditation and daily communion with Source promotes healing within the whole body system because the body tissues, organs and chemicals can relax and open to allow the flows of Source energy to circulate through the whole body system.

When the energy of Source is able to flow through the whole body system the negative emotions are quieted, the thoughts of the individual become more focused and the breathing rate slows down to allow a sense of inner peace to be experienced.

All life forms should express in a balanced state eternally and only express out of balance if damage occurs within the foundation energetic structure which the body is created upon. When we allow ourselves to consciously focus on remaining in the balanced state of expression our whole attitude of the life experience changes.

From the balanced state of expression we can become an observer of the world around us and look at the imbalance without the imbalance taking over our emotional responses. Being able to accomplish this is what is meant by the ancient statement, “be in the world but not of the world”.

When we apply such knowledge to the concept of something like addiction or to anything we can quickly see that whatever one is addicted to create chemical responses within the body to assist it to reach some state of calming the body’s chemical responses and is why the body continues to scream for more of the same.

It is because of these multi-layered issues that everyone on the planet is addicted to something which allows the body’s chemicals to experience some relief from the constant inner chaos.

The addiction may be food, it may be television, it may be a smart phone which allows for a different reality field within it. The status quo is to think of such things as obsessions and to label chemical substances as addictions but they are all addictions which means the body starts to go into freak out mode to make sure it gets what it wants to find some inner calm. Are you one with a smart phone whose body would freak out if you did not have it?

Addictions then become habits but not because the individual is weak but because the inner body chaos is strong.

Some addictions create more harm than good within the body and if the body is denied what it has discovered can allow it to calm down some it will seek out something else to allow for the inner calm. The something else may be a another person as long as that other person can provide the inner calm the body needs but when that starts to fade the body will start seeking again.

What the body is constantly in search of is peace, balance and love but because the masses have forgotten the truth of creation, the truth that they are Source embodied and their inner connection with Source they seek love, balance, peace and calm outside of their self always trying to fill that inner hole with something that will calm the chemical emotions of the body.

The inner hole can only be filled with the energy of Source, all else is a temporary fix and when the fix wears off the body wants more.

The labels that society assign to an addiction is a result of the level of fear society holds for the addiction and is why we do not see an organization called “smart phone anonymous”, yet we now have laws against something like texting while driving which only came about after experiencing the affects of texting while driving. In times gone by it was not against the law to drink and drive and required many deaths for the law to come into action.

It cannot be known how something will experience until it is experienced and this is why Source creates all of creation to allow Source to know how all thoughts experience.

The body does not know what something experiences as until it experiences it but we are all conscious and aware simply because we have the ability to think. The body cannot think, the brain of the body cannot think and this becomes quite obvious when death of the physical body occurs and the consciousness removes their energy from the body form; the brain stops functioning.

Therefore it is not the body that is thinking which implies our conscious mind that is thinking is higher in energy than the energy of the physical body.

Since our mind is higher in energy than the physical body that means we hold the ability to use our conscious aware thoughts to maintain control of the physical body.

While we continue to heal within our self to remember the truth that we are all Source embodied there is nothing wrong with allowing the body to have what it needs to assist creating inner calm because the body has been lacking Source energy for a very long time but if we desire to maintain control of the body we must use our conscious thoughts to calm the body and only allow it to have things that do not create more harm than good.

The body cannot think, it cannot reason and make higher choices. The body functions on instinct and auto pilot thought patterns which are habitual thought patterns.

The body is a temporary vehicle for our conscious mind to have a life experience just like the car is a temporary vehicle to allow us to move the body from point A to point B. We do not allow our car to control our thoughts nor should we a allow our body to control our thoughts.

The only way to regain control of the body is by regaining control of our thoughts and then consciously communicating with the body.

The body is not separate from us because we temporarily have part of our energy imbued within it but just like a car, the body is an extension of our energy.

Just like a car requires optimal parts, fuel and water to operate correctly so too does our body. When we put harmful chemicals into our body it is like putting sugar into the gas tank of the car.

If we desire to maintain control of our body which will then allow us to maintain control of the life experience, we must use our conscious thoughts and make the choices that will allow us to accomplish our desires.

The body can only hear our thoughts, it hears nothing else! When we become aware of thoughts, light and sound it is because the body has drawn that energy into itself to allow our conscious mind to become aware of it but we do not experience anything outside of our body. If you doubt that simply search the internet to remember how your body works.

This means that when we become aware of something it is already a part of us or else we could not become aware of it.

Remembering that our body does not think for itself but operates on the instructions of our thought directions we then become empowered to take back control of the way our body functions.

If we desire to experience balance and love we must allow our body to remember what balance and love feels like which we can do by focusing within our mind and focusing on filling our body with the love we hold within our memories.

Because the masses have forgotten the truth of self and hold the false belief that self is the body form the body has been running amok for thousands of years and dragging our conscious mind around like a puppet on a string.

The imbalanced emotions we experience are a result of chemical imbalances within the body which is the result of the lack of the energy of Source.

The body cannot think love it can only respond to energy which is thoughts and thoughts instruct the chemicals that the body is composed of to create chemical responses that will allow us to experience our thoughts. We can choose to experience love or the lack of love as love is dependent on no one but our self.

When we consciously think loving thoughts of our body we are allowing it to remember what love and balance is which brings the chemicals of the body back into balance and changes our whole attitude about the life experience.

We become aware that life is not about gaining material objects, it is not about how many people like you, it is not about relationships, having 2 ½ children, a 2 ½ car garage, three cars or a fancy home; the life experience is about love and joy and being able to experience love and joy is dependent on how much we love our self which includes our body.

Changing your attitude of life occurs by remembering how to love yourself!

When you remember how to love yourself then the choices you make change to higher choices that will support the love you feel for yourself. We express such love for others and we may run our self ragged trying to take care of the needs of others and then have no energy left to take care of our own needs.

Doing so not only dis-empowers others because they then do not know how to take care of their needs but it also dis-empowers our self because we have spent all of our energy taking care of others needs.

We are “conditioned” to take care of the needs of others before we do our own because we inherit those thought patterns from those who come before us but doing so is the desire to “make others love us” which is a result of not loving self.

Loving self first is not selfish it is simply awareness that unless we love our self and take care of our self first we will not be able to assist others with the things they do require assistance with. Loving self is not about being selfish in any way but having the energy required to take care of self and then share the love of Source that flows through us with others.

The world paradigm is designed to dis-empower the masses because that is the only way to control them and the things the masses use as a crutch to calm the chaos within their bodies are the things that are controlled the most because those things create a “demand” which means there is big money to be gained.

This is why there is no war on drugs or a desire to heal any addiction as there is big money to be gained from people’s addictions. We look at such things as “money to be gained” but what is really gained? Energy, is what is really gained! It is all about energy regardless if we call it money, war, drugs, television, smart phones, natural resources or whatever, it is all about energy and who can gain the most energy.

The obvious way to heal any and all addictions is it stop producing the things people are addicted to but then the world economy would not exist and the masses would go insane not knowing how to deal with the inner chaos.

Perhaps you can better understand that the concept of addiction to anything goes much deeper than simply being weak or unable to cope with life. It is a result of an inner hole that requires filling and the only thing that can fill that hole is the energy of Source.