Open Eyed Meditation

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Open eyed meditations are fun.  You can do them anywhere by looking at anything. In this instance, we are going to use the picture posted above.  Just quickly read through the steps and then try it for yourself.  Notice how quickly you can refresh yourself, give yourself an energy boost or release stress build-up.

♥  Take a moment and settle into a comfortable position.

♥  Take a deep breath and begin to gaze at the photo above.  Notice the colors, the shapes and anything else that catches your eye.

♥  Now, allow your gaze to begin focusing on a specific section of the photo.

♥  Next, began to slow your breathing making each breath longer and longer until you no longer are thinking about your breath.

♥  Stay here as long as you wish and when you come back into yourself and again notice the world around you, take the time to savor your experience.

I love doing this type of meditation on a walk, at the lake, or in the garden. Nature in all of its many forms lends itself beautifully to this practice. In a busy day, this short type of meditation works well and integrates into all types of schedules. Try it and see if it can work for you!

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Wisdom as Jewels

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As I close the door on 2014 and prepare to begin 2015, I took some time to review the lessons I learned in 2014. What had I learned and what Wisdom am I taking with me as I begin the new year?

It was amazing how many little things I had relearned as well as new wisdom to add to my “jewel chest.” I had a friend who had shared this concept with me many years ago and I have found that it works for me. Common usage labels strengths, skills, techniques, etc. as a “tool chest.”  While that is descriptive, it reeks of work and hard labor. On the other hand, acquiring jewels makes me think of color, beauty, life sparkle, and other adjectives that reflect how I would prefer to see my efforts out-picture.

So, Wisdom for me is a jewel to be treasured, nurtured and worn proudly! Let me share a few of the things I learned anew or relearned as I hadn’t paid enough attention to them the first time!

♥  Be patient and gentle with myself!

♥  Allow and accept help from others!

♥  Be present in my life!

♥  Appreciate what I have been graced with in this life!

Before you make a list setting out goals for the coming year, take the time to reflect on what you learned from last year. As you see your jewel chest overflowing with all of your colorful, sparkling, exciting jewels, notice how your life changes!

See your value in your wisdom! 

Make a commitment to adding to your Jewel Chest in 2015!

Projecting Blame


Many of us have heard the saying “when you point your finger at someone, there are always 3 fingers pointing back.” Energetically, there is much truth in this. We have a part of our energy body that acts as a reflecting or projection screen. When we send something out to others on the “point of a finger,” it hits this screen and reflects back consequences into our hologram. It’s as if suddenly a projector turns on, the screen lights up, and our latest self-generated movie starts to run!

On some level,we probably knew this, but it never really bubbled up into our immediate awareness. Now it’s time to take responsibility and accountability for our thoughts and what our thoughts manifest. We are wonderful manifesters; we manifest all the time. However, what we manifest is not always what we’d like to have in our lives.

We are the Directors

We are the directors of our own home movies. This means we can change the script. But just like writing something for school, it may take many rewrites and changes until it aligns with our original vision. It’s a simple concept but not always easy to do…it  takes work, and we have to be willing to step into our power and do the work.

There is no spiritual bypass, no “abracadabra!” that allows us to suddenly manifest a wonderful life from our current thoughts of resentment, anger, loss, bitterness, pain, or sadness. The laws of energetics show us that what we experience in our lives arises from our current thoughts, our current states of consciousness. And our current thoughts and states of consciousness have as a basis and arise from the thought forms we’ve imprinted upon our energetic structures in the past.

The decision point is always in the present moment. The question we have to ask ourselves now is: “Am I ready to heal and step into a new future?”

Something to Ponder

Something to Ponder: If you’re the director of your own movie, mentally allow a scene to come up that you’d like to change. Now, change what the characters do and say. Imagine a different outcome to the scene. Breathe from your abdomen as you envision the changes.

What this does is change the energetics, the held charge of energy around the scene. It might not necessarily change what the other person or persons in the scene feel, but it changes what you feel. When you make these changes, it automatically aligns you up with a new line of probability, a new probable future.

Something to Ponder: Allow an emotionally charged scene or picture to come up in your mind, in your memory. Imagine that you’re blurring the scene down to the basics of black and white (or any other two colors). Name the white as your energy and the black as someone else’s.

Now inhale and breathe the white back to you, call it back. That’s your energy that got stuck in that emotional moment in time. So, call it back.

Inhale once again, and on an exhale, send the other energy back to its owner or point of origin in all time-space continua with a thought of blessing. Then dissolve anything left with sparkling silvered-white light.

As you play with this, more scenes will come up. You can continue to play with it, knowing you’re doing some really deep energetic restructuring.

Allow the Release

Often, after working with energetics, you may feel like crying. Allow yourself that gift. Energy is in motion, and the crying helps release it and move it out of your energy fields.


Holiday Choices

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In the United States the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner.  Historically, holidays are a time for family gatherings. In many cases, these times end up in pain.  Old wounds are reopened and as they bleed, emotions rule the day.  Words are spoken, arguments abound, drinking escalates and chaos rules the day.

Take a moment and review your last couple of family holiday gatherings.  Were they enjoyable creating good memories or were they something best not remembered?

Take some time this week and reflect on how you would like your Thanksgiving Day and after that, the Christmas holiday season to manifest. It is a choice how we handle our wounds, our emotions, our words, and our behaviors.  If we can’t handle them, we have the choice of leaving the gathering rather than creating more pain.

Consider approaching the upcoming holidays with love, laughter, acceptance and joy. Embrace this time and choose to make it one of the best holiday seasons you have ever had!

Here are some suggested affirmations to repeat daily as you program yourself for a great holiday season.

  • I embrace a holiday season full of laughter!
  • I embrace a holiday season full of friendship, acceptance, and joy!
  • I open my heart and am grateful for this wonderful holiday season!
  • I radiate love everywhere I go!

Have a great holiday!



Releasing the Inner Victim-Victimizer Game


The hard part about releasing the inner VV game is to find the gift within it. Here I am, trying to heal from abuse, both verbal and physical, and you’re telling me to find the gift? Yes. That’s what I had to do to be able to step out of the game.

I wonder sometimes how it all started. It’s almost like I slid into it, a progressive eroding of personal power on a daily basis. I was so young when it started that fear of personal annihilation on some level propelled me into stepping back into myself just to survive. One day I’m being yelled at, the next a slap, then a beating, with a constant drum of verbal abuse being imprinted on my psyche. This is, and was tough…yet there is a gift.

Finding the Gift

For me, the gift was that the abuse forced me to either step into personal power and leave, or die on some level. I had even contemplated suicide. But an inner voice kept reminding me I had a mission, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. And if I killed myself, then I would have to come back into a body and once again try to get to a point where I could complete whatever mission I was supposed to complete. And did I really want to come back again?

So I decided to stay in the body…but in order to stay, I had to make some changes. I had to take personal responsibility for what was happening and make a decision to change the situation I was in.

We have the right to say NO! But we’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t have the power to do so. Others continually cross boundaries because they’re not convinced you mean it…you’ve always given in before because emotionally you couldn’t see your way out of the situation(s). So, it was easier to just give in then keep trying to get out of a box with no perceivable opening.

Now I had to start saying No, and mean it; no backing down this time. I also had to get help so that when I felt weak I had backup, someone to encourage me to keep on holding the line. In addition I started writing down what I needed to do to survive…get a job, housing, food, etc. And then I left and moved in with a friend until I could survive on my own.

Something to Ponder

Something to Ponder: You make a choice and then act on it…that’s stepping into power. This is the beginning of you giving yourself the gift of self-empowerment.

Something to Ponder: If we believe that we co-create everything in our reality, by our thoughts, emotions, and self-concepts (the decisions we make about ourselves), then it’s time to take a look at our lives and find the gift.

Within this situation is the learning to take forward. Whatever I learned has to do with what I’m going to be teaching others. That’s another gift. You’ve made it this far—and you can continue to help others make it also. They’ll learn from how you handled it, how you healed, how you stepped into power.

Mindfulness Part 3

There’s a process when we start to practice mindfulness. We’re not going to be perfect at it, but with practice we can be more authentic in our interaction with all creation.

Starting the Journey

Start with patience, including patience with yourself. It takes time to heal; we have so many levels on which to heal.

Accept that you’ve set yourself a great program for strengthening your spiritual muscles. Now you have to learn to flow and be in the now moment. Can you allow yourself to be in the moment?

Part of being in a state of mindfulness is being aware and accepting others. We all have to take responsibility for the choices we make.

It’s much easier when we attempt to be mindful in the moment, to imagine Source looking out our eyes. We then make choices from this stance. And in being accountable for the choices we make, it’s much easier to do so when we come from the standpoint of Source.

Don’t blame others, because that’s disempowering yourself. In Mastership we take responsibility for everything we say and do. We can only recognize what path we need to follow or what our choices are by being Mindful.

Finally, in developing mindfulness, there’s a question you need to ask yourself to find out what your path in life is. Ask yourself, “What’s your Joy?”