Open Eyed Meditation

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Open eyed meditations are fun.  You can do them anywhere by looking at anything. In this instance, we are going to use the picture posted above.  Just quickly read through the steps and then try it for yourself.  Notice how quickly you can refresh yourself, give yourself an energy boost or release stress build-up.

♥  Take a moment and settle into a comfortable position.

♥  Take a deep breath and begin to gaze at the photo above.  Notice the colors, the shapes and anything else that catches your eye.

♥  Now, allow your gaze to begin focusing on a specific section of the photo.

♥  Next, began to slow your breathing making each breath longer and longer until you no longer are thinking about your breath.

♥  Stay here as long as you wish and when you come back into yourself and again notice the world around you, take the time to savor your experience.

I love doing this type of meditation on a walk, at the lake, or in the garden. Nature in all of its many forms lends itself beautifully to this practice. In a busy day, this short type of meditation works well and integrates into all types of schedules. Try it and see if it can work for you!

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Wisdom as Jewels

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As I close the door on 2014 and prepare to begin 2015, I took some time to review the lessons I learned in 2014. What had I learned and what Wisdom am I taking with me as I begin the new year?

It was amazing how many little things I had relearned as well as new wisdom to add to my “jewel chest.” I had a friend who had shared this concept with me many years ago and I have found that it works for me. Common usage labels strengths, skills, techniques, etc. as a “tool chest.”  While that is descriptive, it reeks of work and hard labor. On the other hand, acquiring jewels makes me think of color, beauty, life sparkle, and other adjectives that reflect how I would prefer to see my efforts out-picture.

So, Wisdom for me is a jewel to be treasured, nurtured and worn proudly! Let me share a few of the things I learned anew or relearned as I hadn’t paid enough attention to them the first time!

♥  Be patient and gentle with myself!

♥  Allow and accept help from others!

♥  Be present in my life!

♥  Appreciate what I have been graced with in this life!

Before you make a list setting out goals for the coming year, take the time to reflect on what you learned from last year. As you see your jewel chest overflowing with all of your colorful, sparkling, exciting jewels, notice how your life changes!

See your value in your wisdom! 

Make a commitment to adding to your Jewel Chest in 2015!

Monitoring our Thoughts

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Do you realize that the thoughts you have are giving your body operational instructions? Thoughts such as: I don’t think I can do that; I don’t think I have enough time; I don’t think….really, you don’t think? Or is it that you’re just not aware?

We’re so busy doing: going to work, going to the store, going to church, going to sports events…that most of the time our thoughts are in a whirl. When we’re not aware or mindful of what we’re thinking, our brains tend to default to clichés, because they’re the well-worn ruts of societal programming. They make it easy for us not to have any thoughts for ourselves but just to parrot general phrases by which we’re defined and which seem to suit our needs for the moment. It appears to make our lives easier on some level. But does it? What if I tell you that it’s your thoughts, propelled by emotion, that result in what you manifest in your life?

There is an energetic field that underlies all of creation. You have the ability to think something, put emotion behind it (thereby imprinting it upon this field), and have it eventually manifest in your hologram/life…or in your body. Have you ever thought or said to yourself when under stress, “I can’t take this,” or “I can’t stomach this,” and manifest digestive issues? Or this is a good one: “I can’t stand him/her/this situation,” and you sprain your ankle or end up with other leg issues. What this means is that you’re already a creator. Now you have to decide whether you want to create consciously and if you’re willing to put the time and energy into it to flip the grid and change your life. You can choose to become conscious or remain unconscious. Consciously choosing is an act of Power.

Conscious choice is part of being aware. Awareness is the key to monitoring what thoughts are running on automatic. You may find that simply a focus on Mindfulness will allow you to start seeing a pattern to your thoughts and the connection of your thoughts to the quality of your daily life.

Something to Ponder

The first step is to be the watcher not the judger of your thoughts. You just want to observe the thoughts and allow them to flow in and through you. Focusing on the breath allows you to slow down inside. It lowers the rate of your heartbeat, relaxes your muscles, unclenches your jaw, and soothes your digestive system.

Practice consciously slowing your breathing, focusing on the inhale and exhale of the breath. You can practice this when you’re walking to the store, when you’re waiting for events to start, or when you feel stressed at work. When you decide to allow the inflow and outflow of thoughts, your energy begins to flow more freely, insight occurs, and joy floods in.

Isn’t it Lovely?


I was contemplating the concept of Love, and what came to mind was something my niece said several years ago. We were in a restaurant and had finished our dinner and had started on something terrifically decadent for dessert. I asked her how she liked it. She replied, “This is lovely.”

I was immediately struck by the word lovely. When asked how we like things, a lot of us say “Oh that’s nice.” Now contrast the word ‘nice’ with the word lovely. Feel the difference the word makes in how both your body and your energy feels. What resonates better in your body–and where do you feel it resonate? This is just an example of the power of words. And if we put the power of Love behind the word lovely, what a difference it makes.

Try substituting the word lovely each time you usually would use the word ‘nice’ or ‘good,’ etc. She/He is a lovely person…that’s a lovely dress…what a lovely day! Perhaps when we start verbalizing the ‘love’ in all life, Life will reflect it back to us. And we’ll start creating Love using the sound of our voice, carrying our newly enhanced consciousness out on the sound–and perceive all life as Love. Now, isn’t that a Lovely thought?!



Responsibility for Self


If we desire to experience more balance, happiness and joy in our lives we must be willing to take absolute responsibility for our self.

Perhaps you feel like life is coming at you and events or circumstances of your life are beyond your control. Many people feel that way especially with the roller coaster economy we all have to deal with.

When we can heal to remember that we experience absolutely everything “within our body” then it starts to become easier to realize that “only our self” is creating what we will ever experience.

The two strongest body senses most operate upon are visual sight and audible sound. Of course someone who is dealing with visual sight blindness or deafness are not dealing with believing life is coming at them in the same way.

We do not see with our eyes or hear with our ears in the manner in which the masses believe they do. Our eyes simply take in energy that move through the inner layers of the eyes and to the brain. The brain then creates the images we “think” we see with our eyes “inside the brain”. We do not see the image unless the eyes can work to take energy into the brain.

We do not hear with our ears as we may think we do. The ears receive energy as frequency wave patterns which move through the inner ear and create a vibration. We do not hear unless this process works and the inner vibration is created.

So the only thing that is “coming at us” is energy which the senses of the body then translate to allow us to become aware of. Understanding how the body’s 5 senses work is pretty fascinating but they work to allow us to become aware “inside of our body”, not outside of our body.

Quantum Physics have finally proven that matter is an illusion or a hologram but they have yet to discover how the illusion of matter is created. Forgetting the truth of creation when we birth into the baby body turns off the memory of how the illusion of matter is created but we should all know that as we are creating the illusion via our body senses.

All will eventually heal to remember such truth but for now we can allow our self to understand more about the way the body works to allow us to have the life experience.

The life experience is the result of the interaction of the energy that our body is made of and the energy the body draws unto itself and part of that process includes the “chemicals” which make up the body. Chemicals are elements that group together to create a “reaction” within the body.

When we draw energy unto our body that creates a chemical reaction that allows us to have what we may consider to be a negative experience we are experiencing our thoughts and beliefs drawing the necessary to us and into our body to allow us to experience what our thoughts and beliefs experience as.

Our body is designed to ensure we will experience what we are thinking and what we believe. If we believe that life is coming at us and we have no power over the process then we are allowing the process to occur “consciously unaware” that we have anything to do with it and this makes us feel like we are playing the role of a victim and there is nothing we can do about our life experience.

Everything within creation is energy and the life experience occurs via our body form to allow us to experience energy, energy which is “thought patterns”.

If we have been programmed to think and believe life is a certain way and that we are limited in what we can experience then simply because we believe that to be true we are limiting our self in what we will be able to experience because the body will work to “only allow us to experience what we believe”.

We begin gathering and building our beliefs from the infant stage via experiencing life but because all have forgotten the truth of how the life experience occurs we “think” life is happening to us instead of remembering that we are creating it within our self.

We are not a victim of circumstances we are a victim to our own thoughts and beliefs. When we can remember these truths then we become empowered to take back control of our life experience. We can do so by becoming “thought aware” and really taking a hard look at our beliefs.

We have spent our entire life to this point to build our belief systems so we have spent a whole lot of time and energy ensuring that our body is creating exactly what we believe. It will take some time to re-create our belief systems to be what we “desire to experience” instead of what we currently believe we must experience.

As stated in a previous post, it is a process of re-seeding thought patterns within our self and only seeding what we desire to experience but at the same time becoming thought aware, aware of our thoughts that are creating the opposite of what we desire to experience.

This is why we must take absolute responsibility for our self, everything we have experienced and everything we will experience because no one is doing it to us, we are doing it to our self.

This can be a hard truth to come face to face with especially if there has been an experience of being seriously wronged by the actions of others. No one would intentionally draw such experiences to their self but such can occur via the thoughts running wild and making choices that allow us to meet up with energy that will create such experiences. Some experiences can be extremely difficult to heal within because they can be so extreme that the individual is not able to step out of the role of playing the victim.

Healing from traumatic experiences takes time and it may require assistance from a qualified individual but it is possible and can occur much faster if we focus on our personal relationship with Source within our self.

When we allow our self to continue to feel as though we have been victimized by another we are blocking flows of energy within our self, energy that can allow us to heal and we continue to give our energy away to whomever we feel is responsible for the traumatic experience. Who loses? The person who played their role in the process does not lose because they are living their own life within their own body. We are the one who loses because we create our own living hell within our own body.

That does not mean the other person is not responsible for their actions and requires a whole lot of healing but they showed up to play a role via the energy of our thoughts, beliefs and choices that drew them to us. It may simply be a matter of not being aware of the environment around us and not being cautious to protect our self from the actions of others when we pass through imbalanced thought patterns.

We cannot heal anyone but our self because each person is creating their own life within their self but we can heal our self and allow others to experience what they create while at the same time protecting our self from others thoughts and creations.

The strongest protection we can create comes from within our self and first believing that we are held within protection at all times and then becoming consciously aware of our surroundings and environment to ensure we make the necessary choices to ensure our safety.

Healing can only begin within our self and part of the process of healing into balance is healing to be able to take responsibility for our self. If we give our self responsibility away to others then we are opening our self to chaotic thought patterns that will draw the necessary energy to us to allow us to experience chaotic thought experiences.

There is a whole lot of imbalance that requires healing within the world and a whole lot of imbalanced people sharing the world with us so there will always be someone to play a necessary role to allow us to experience our thoughts and what we believe about our self.

When we focus on just the life experience and think it is all occurring outside of our self then we are not using our power to take control of our life experience. It is all energy, all of creation is energy and matter manifest is an illusion that only exists when someone is looking, to use the words of Quantum Physics. That means that we are the only one creating the illusion of manifest matter.

As we continue to heal to become more aware of our personal energy then we can remember how to “sense energy” which is a very helpful ability to allow us to become more aware of the energy that we are held within and discern before we make choices.

If we believe that we must gain revenge for an experience that involved another role player then we are not taking responsibility for our self but are giving our energy away to the other role player. The old saying that speaks, “an eye for an eye” is a false belief based upon an entire population believing they are a victim to circumstance and have no control over it. Imbalance does not create balance, it only creates more imbalance.

We cannot carry the world on our shoulders, it is too heavy for one person to handle alone and thankfully we are not alone, we are all a part of the whole and only as a whole can we heal the imbalance that exists in the world but doing so first requires healing our self.

Every thought we have goes out from us like the ripples in a body of water and then return to us like the ocean waves, much stronger than the ripples. The key is to send out the thoughts we desire to experience so that the waves return carrying those desires.

We do not have to allow our previous experiences to define who we are and how the rest of our life will be. Each moment is a fresh start to re-create our self anew and we hold the ability to do so simply because we can “think”.

Attitude, Emotion & Addiction


Attitude is a result of energy in motion or emotion and the energy in motion is thought in motion. There are many attitude expressions simply because there are many emotional feelings.

Emotion, as we experience within our body, is only experienced as such within our body. Therefore, the multitude of the emotions we experience within our body are a result of the operation of the body form.

When our conscious expression is not experiencing within the human body form we do not experience any negative emotions. Negative emotions are the result of chemical imbalances which are a result of damage that has occurred within the foundation energetic system of the identity expression.

When the foundation energetic system is in balance with the energy of Source negative emotions do not occur. Balance allows for only positive emotions based on love and love does not hold any imbalance within it.

Memory loss of the truth of creation creates imbalanced, negative emotions with the strongest one being fear. All positive emotions are based on love and all negative emotions are based on fear which is the opposite of love. Hatred is based on fear so the root cause of hatred is fear.

The Source expression of the individual identity does not experience any emotion out of balance with love as Source is balanced love and fear cannot exist within balance.

When we use our thoughts to remember experiences that fill our body with an overwhelming amount of love we are experiencing the chemicals that compose our body coming back into balance.

Some people are dealing with stronger chemical imbalances than others are that are currently too strong for them to be able to bring back into balance at this time which means they are held in a constant state of fear.

The largest percentage of the population are currently held within a constant state of fear as a result of forgetting the truth of creation and the truth of self as Source.

When inner healing occurs to allow the identity to remember they are Source embodied the entire attitude towards life and all within it changes as the emotions begin to heal back into balance.

Everyday life of the earth experience has expressed through fear for such a long time that the masses are not aware fear is not natural and because fear has become the dominant emotion within the masses everyone is held within survival mode.

Expressing in a constant state of survival mode creates a constant state of inner stress and affects the attitude of the individual as their chemical emotional responses always have them sitting on the edge to keep watch and quickly respond to anything.

Being held within survival mode means that the emotional responses will be automatic, snap responses and it is such snap responses that fuel all conflict.

When expressing in a state of survival the tissues and all organs of the body are in a constant state of contraction which blocks flows of the energy of Source, within which the love and balance of Source reside.

This is why meditation and daily communion with Source promotes healing within the whole body system because the body tissues, organs and chemicals can relax and open to allow the flows of Source energy to circulate through the whole body system.

When the energy of Source is able to flow through the whole body system the negative emotions are quieted, the thoughts of the individual become more focused and the breathing rate slows down to allow a sense of inner peace to be experienced.

All life forms should express in a balanced state eternally and only express out of balance if damage occurs within the foundation energetic structure which the body is created upon. When we allow ourselves to consciously focus on remaining in the balanced state of expression our whole attitude of the life experience changes.

From the balanced state of expression we can become an observer of the world around us and look at the imbalance without the imbalance taking over our emotional responses. Being able to accomplish this is what is meant by the ancient statement, “be in the world but not of the world”.

When we apply such knowledge to the concept of something like addiction or to anything we can quickly see that whatever one is addicted to create chemical responses within the body to assist it to reach some state of calming the body’s chemical responses and is why the body continues to scream for more of the same.

It is because of these multi-layered issues that everyone on the planet is addicted to something which allows the body’s chemicals to experience some relief from the constant inner chaos.

The addiction may be food, it may be television, it may be a smart phone which allows for a different reality field within it. The status quo is to think of such things as obsessions and to label chemical substances as addictions but they are all addictions which means the body starts to go into freak out mode to make sure it gets what it wants to find some inner calm. Are you one with a smart phone whose body would freak out if you did not have it?

Addictions then become habits but not because the individual is weak but because the inner body chaos is strong.

Some addictions create more harm than good within the body and if the body is denied what it has discovered can allow it to calm down some it will seek out something else to allow for the inner calm. The something else may be a another person as long as that other person can provide the inner calm the body needs but when that starts to fade the body will start seeking again.

What the body is constantly in search of is peace, balance and love but because the masses have forgotten the truth of creation, the truth that they are Source embodied and their inner connection with Source they seek love, balance, peace and calm outside of their self always trying to fill that inner hole with something that will calm the chemical emotions of the body.

The inner hole can only be filled with the energy of Source, all else is a temporary fix and when the fix wears off the body wants more.

The labels that society assign to an addiction is a result of the level of fear society holds for the addiction and is why we do not see an organization called “smart phone anonymous”, yet we now have laws against something like texting while driving which only came about after experiencing the affects of texting while driving. In times gone by it was not against the law to drink and drive and required many deaths for the law to come into action.

It cannot be known how something will experience until it is experienced and this is why Source creates all of creation to allow Source to know how all thoughts experience.

The body does not know what something experiences as until it experiences it but we are all conscious and aware simply because we have the ability to think. The body cannot think, the brain of the body cannot think and this becomes quite obvious when death of the physical body occurs and the consciousness removes their energy from the body form; the brain stops functioning.

Therefore it is not the body that is thinking which implies our conscious mind that is thinking is higher in energy than the energy of the physical body.

Since our mind is higher in energy than the physical body that means we hold the ability to use our conscious aware thoughts to maintain control of the physical body.

While we continue to heal within our self to remember the truth that we are all Source embodied there is nothing wrong with allowing the body to have what it needs to assist creating inner calm because the body has been lacking Source energy for a very long time but if we desire to maintain control of the body we must use our conscious thoughts to calm the body and only allow it to have things that do not create more harm than good.

The body cannot think, it cannot reason and make higher choices. The body functions on instinct and auto pilot thought patterns which are habitual thought patterns.

The body is a temporary vehicle for our conscious mind to have a life experience just like the car is a temporary vehicle to allow us to move the body from point A to point B. We do not allow our car to control our thoughts nor should we a allow our body to control our thoughts.

The only way to regain control of the body is by regaining control of our thoughts and then consciously communicating with the body.

The body is not separate from us because we temporarily have part of our energy imbued within it but just like a car, the body is an extension of our energy.

Just like a car requires optimal parts, fuel and water to operate correctly so too does our body. When we put harmful chemicals into our body it is like putting sugar into the gas tank of the car.

If we desire to maintain control of our body which will then allow us to maintain control of the life experience, we must use our conscious thoughts and make the choices that will allow us to accomplish our desires.

The body can only hear our thoughts, it hears nothing else! When we become aware of thoughts, light and sound it is because the body has drawn that energy into itself to allow our conscious mind to become aware of it but we do not experience anything outside of our body. If you doubt that simply search the internet to remember how your body works.

This means that when we become aware of something it is already a part of us or else we could not become aware of it.

Remembering that our body does not think for itself but operates on the instructions of our thought directions we then become empowered to take back control of the way our body functions.

If we desire to experience balance and love we must allow our body to remember what balance and love feels like which we can do by focusing within our mind and focusing on filling our body with the love we hold within our memories.

Because the masses have forgotten the truth of self and hold the false belief that self is the body form the body has been running amok for thousands of years and dragging our conscious mind around like a puppet on a string.

The imbalanced emotions we experience are a result of chemical imbalances within the body which is the result of the lack of the energy of Source.

The body cannot think love it can only respond to energy which is thoughts and thoughts instruct the chemicals that the body is composed of to create chemical responses that will allow us to experience our thoughts. We can choose to experience love or the lack of love as love is dependent on no one but our self.

When we consciously think loving thoughts of our body we are allowing it to remember what love and balance is which brings the chemicals of the body back into balance and changes our whole attitude about the life experience.

We become aware that life is not about gaining material objects, it is not about how many people like you, it is not about relationships, having 2 ½ children, a 2 ½ car garage, three cars or a fancy home; the life experience is about love and joy and being able to experience love and joy is dependent on how much we love our self which includes our body.

Changing your attitude of life occurs by remembering how to love yourself!

When you remember how to love yourself then the choices you make change to higher choices that will support the love you feel for yourself. We express such love for others and we may run our self ragged trying to take care of the needs of others and then have no energy left to take care of our own needs.

Doing so not only dis-empowers others because they then do not know how to take care of their needs but it also dis-empowers our self because we have spent all of our energy taking care of others needs.

We are “conditioned” to take care of the needs of others before we do our own because we inherit those thought patterns from those who come before us but doing so is the desire to “make others love us” which is a result of not loving self.

Loving self first is not selfish it is simply awareness that unless we love our self and take care of our self first we will not be able to assist others with the things they do require assistance with. Loving self is not about being selfish in any way but having the energy required to take care of self and then share the love of Source that flows through us with others.

The world paradigm is designed to dis-empower the masses because that is the only way to control them and the things the masses use as a crutch to calm the chaos within their bodies are the things that are controlled the most because those things create a “demand” which means there is big money to be gained.

This is why there is no war on drugs or a desire to heal any addiction as there is big money to be gained from people’s addictions. We look at such things as “money to be gained” but what is really gained? Energy, is what is really gained! It is all about energy regardless if we call it money, war, drugs, television, smart phones, natural resources or whatever, it is all about energy and who can gain the most energy.

The obvious way to heal any and all addictions is it stop producing the things people are addicted to but then the world economy would not exist and the masses would go insane not knowing how to deal with the inner chaos.

Perhaps you can better understand that the concept of addiction to anything goes much deeper than simply being weak or unable to cope with life. It is a result of an inner hole that requires filling and the only thing that can fill that hole is the energy of Source.

Gratitude and Abundance


The largest percentage of the population live their entire lives feeling like the things they would like to experience are out of their reach. Many live their life with even the most basic necessities being out of reach.

Lack consciousness has always been and continues to be the “cause” for the seemingly lack of abundance that the earth population experience but very few remember how the process works and what the root cause is behind lack.

In order to understand the root cause we must allow our self to remember that “thoughts create”. Thoughts are not just something that are here one minute and gone the next. When we experience our thoughts we are experiencing “energy in motion”.

Our physical body is designed to pay attention to our thoughts, our thoughts are the “only” thing that is running our physical body. That may be hard to imagine because we focus on the workings of the body form; blood flow, oxygen flow, etc. and give little if any attention to the fact that our body is made of energy.

The thoughts we “adopt as our beliefs” are what determine the experiences we will have in our life time. Beliefs are thoughts that are in constant motion, they are thoughts that run on auto pilot and most of them flow through us without us paying attention to them.

When we are a child we are in the process of “acquiring our beliefs”. As an infant we only know what our “needs” are and cry when we desire our needs to be taken care of. But as we grow to be an adult we adopt our beliefs based on our experiences and beliefs passed down to us from those around us.

As a child we dream, imagine and pretend what we want to “be when we grow up” and cannot wait until we grow up so we can experience our dreams. The childhood experience seems to take forever when you are experiencing it but when it is over and you must be a responsible adult it seems like childhood was a very short amount of our life experience.

Being a “responsible adult” means growing up to face the world as it is and stop pretending it is something different than what you see before your eyes. At least those are the kind of thoughts we are told as we wonder why life seems to change so drastically when we grow into adulthood.

If the world was ran via the dreams and eyes of a child there would be a whole lot less imbalance within the world because the “dreams of a child” would create differently. Children do not see limitation, they simply glue things together to make them work to create what they desire to experience.

We need to remember these childhood qualities if we desire to experience abundance in our lives because the dreams are thoughts and they create. The adopted beliefs of adulthood squelch the childhood dreams and we go to bed at night worrying about what we don’t have or can’t experience not realizing our body is listening to our thoughts to then wake up the next day and continue to experience the lack we believe exists.

Our body is energy and it sends and receives energy 24 – 7 even if we are not aware that it does. It works to ensure we will experience what we “believe” by drawing the energy to us that is necessary to allow us to experience our beliefs and pushing the energy away from us that we believe we do have not and cannot have.

People deal with the daily challenges of living and trying to survive or to get ahead in life not realizing they are creating the daily challenges because they believe they are experiencing daily challenges.

What is abundance? Abundance is having what is needed to survive; everything else is “desires”. We must first create abundance in our life to ensure we have the basic necessities required to survive and then we can focus on creating the desires. Many people are not aware of what abundance is and think it means great material wealth when abundance means food, water, clothing, shelter from the elements and health.

It does not require much to live a life on earth yet millions of people still go without the daily necessities to survive.

Living “gratitude” is the fastest way to create abundance! Why? Because when we count our blessings and are truly grateful for what we do have instead of focusing on what we think we do not have our body listens and it hears that we like experiencing what we do have and will work to draw the energy to us to allow us to continue to experience what we are thinking about.

The same is true if we are constantly thinking about what we think we do not have; our body listens and will push anything away from us that we tell our self we do not have because we do not have it so we cannot have it because we believe we do not have it.

Perhaps you are playing the pull the bill out of the hat game to rob Peter and pay Paul each month and then worrying about how you are going to accomplish that because you believe you do not have the money needed to pay them all. Can you see the irony of your beliefs? You believe you do not have the money to pay them all so you “will not” have the money to pay them all.

Does that mean that if you change your beliefs, count your blessings and focus on what you do have that tomorrow you are going to experience everything you currently believe you do not have? Not necessarily because your lack beliefs are running in full motion through you to ensure that you will be able to experience them. It will require “seeding” your new thought instructions until you begin to experience them. This is because the new thought patterns must build to a high enough level of energy to override the beliefs you hold that are creating what you desire to change.

Imagine a small child saying over and over, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”. It might seem like child’s play or pretending but it is the way to create and draw to us what we desire to experience.

The thoughts we hold that are running on auto pilot and are creating lack are doing so because we have believed them for so long they have built up enough energy to simply keep running.

I AM statements are the most powerful thought instructions for the body form to create or any statement that begins with “I” because you are stating firmly what You Are and your body is taking that as a strong command.

The process of seeding and creating new thought patterns within us will require some faith until we heal to remember the powerful creator that we are but the most important part of the process is to not lose track of the thought.

When we spend quality time daily focusing on and communing with Source within us and allowing our self to fill our body with the Love of Source we are assisting our body to remember what love feels like. Balance is created within the emotional quality of love as love is balance.

If we seed our new desired thoughts while we are sitting within that Love space with Source the energy we have available to use to seed our new thought patterns is much stronger because we can quite the auto pilot thoughts and allow the body to hear our new thoughts.

Meditation is the process of listening to Source and prayer is the process of expressing “gratitude” to Source for the wonderful abundance that we do have, a process of thanksgiving via the Love that flows through us.

There is nothing wrong with asking Source to assist us to create what we desire to experience but Source allows freewill so if we think that simply by asking Source to assist us to experience something and then walk away and continue to think we cannot experience that something we will continue to experience that we do not have it. Because of this process, many people think that Source does not listen or does not care. Source hears all thoughts, cares and always responds but our beliefs and expectations can keep us from becoming aware of such.

Bargaining with Source to get what you think you want but think you do not have will not work simply because you think you do not have it and you will continue to create that experience.

Within your daily sessions of sitting with Source you could use I AM statements to seed your new thoughts.

  • I AM Abundance
  • I AM Healed
  • I AM Love
  • I AM Whole
  • I AM Beautiful
  • I AM Perfection
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Safe
  • I AM Protected

These are just a few examples of I AM statements but the process is endless. The “key” is to become aware of what your beliefs are and what you need to reprogram within your body and that requires becoming “Thought Aware”, paying attention to your thoughts that run on auto pilot and stopping them when you become aware of what you are thinking and then instantly seeding the healed thought pattern you desire to replace them with.

You must get your body to believe your new balanced thoughts and that requires telling it over and over again until it does. It is the same process you encountered when you did something like learning your A,B,Cs; you continued to work with the sounds, the images, to write them, to sing them until you “memorized them”. When you memorize something it means those thought patterns are running full steam ahead within you and soon you forget the process of creating that and simply experience the thoughts.

You could create little songs to seed your new desired thoughts. Writing them over and over is a wonderful way to turn them on within the body as you are engaging the body in the process, it is as if your entire body becomes the pen.

But you must “believe” as you believed all was possible when you were a child. This is what is meant by the ancient statement that all must become as little children once again because little children “believe they can”.

Plant your garden carefully and then continue to water it with Love then experience the wonderful blooms come to life.



Why do people label things? Part of the reason is because we are all faces of Source who name everything they create; an organic attribute of our “original expression” as a co-creator. Yes, there is a lot to consider within that thought pattern but that is for another time.

Our own name is a label that applies an energy signature to our earth expression. But a name or label is just words expressed in the languages of earth that only apply within the earth system. What makes them unique? The energy input into them. Where does the energy input into them come from? The thoughts and beliefs of those who are creating them.

When we birth into the earth reality field we lose our memory of everything we knew before we did so. That might be hard for some to consider who have not yet realized they are not their physical body and existed before the physical body did and will continue to do so when they are no longer in the physical body but that too is simply a process of healing to remember the truth that is forgotten when birthing into the earth system.

Every name or label of absolutely everything within the earth reality field has been created by people within the earth reality field, people who birth into a baby body and forget everything they knew prior to. When that is no longer the case then we will not lose our memory from simply birthing to have a life experience within a reality field; we should not but at this time few people can remember that it is not natural.

When we heal to remember our true expression we will also regain memory of the importance of naming things because doing so is a process of setting an energy signature within the things we name.

We might see words like puppy, baby, sunset, rose, love, peace, caring and instantly our emotions are affected in some way by the energy signature held within those words. They allow our emotions to feel the love within them but only if you know the language and the “meaning” they hold. The meaning IS the energy signature.

When we birth here we do not know what any of the words here mean and so we are “taught” what they mean so that we can communicate within the reality field.

So, why do we create words and labels that speak to our emotions out of balance? Words such as hate, fear, alcoholic , drug addict, murderer, etc. One of my favorite things of becoming aware is the way words are used within the reality field to control, to create a response when none is required, to create false thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Examples: “the harmful rays of the sun”, “devastating winds”, “war on drugs”, “war on anything”, “dreadful disease”, etc.

Reread those words and pay attention to how you “feel” about them as you do. If you pay attention you will become aware of how the words speak to you and what they say but of course only if you understand the language.

Why do people label other people with words that hold a negative emotional feeling within them? The words said nothing before they were created, they said nothing after being formed until someone applied a thought meaning to them but as soon as you learn the language you hold that emotional response within yourself for the entire language.

A reality field is a mirror; it is a mirror that reflects back to us everything we hold within our self. When we see things reflected back to us that we do not like, do not want to experience, do not want to have a relationship with we desire to “push” them away from our self least they infect us in some way. If you take time to remember how your physical body works and that you are experiencing everything “within” your physical body (not outside of it), it becomes a bit easier to begin to see the reality field as a mirror. Of course that implies that everything we experience being reflected back to our body to allow us to experience it is “first held within us”; we cannot become aware of anything unless it is first held within us. There is a whole lot to remember within that truth as well. Creation is “huge” so understanding the way that creation occurs is huge.

People name things and assign meanings to names based on their emotional reactions and negative emotions assign negative energy encryptions to names or labels. Imbalance creates imbalance!

The majority of the population are not yet aware that they are creating their reality field or that it is a mirror reflecting back to them the thoughts they are creating. This will have to heal and it will eventually; it is already healing or I could not become aware of it as well as many other people who are becoming aware of it.

The process of creating negative charged words is the process of the desire to “push imbalance away from self” and when people interact with each other and become aware of imbalance they desire to push it away from their self, least it infect them in some way.

A MAJOR word that is held within all languages is the word “death”. Wow, that always brings forth an emotional response, doesn’t it. So much so that all languages have created “cover words” for it and then still speak those cover words softly as if doing so is somehow going to bring death upon them.

All are based on false beliefs as the result of memory loss and the fear that memory loss creates! People are terrified, that is why they creates labels with negative energy signatures and try to push that energy away from self.

The really sad part of it all is that people are not aware of and do not pay attention to the powerful energy encrypted within the words and spew them all over the place, unless of course the word is death. But it is not just the words used as words alone can do nothing, it is the “emotional energy” being projected from the individual applying the words that create the effect.

This is very easy to see when we consider the effect words have on plants. We can speak all day long to a plant and use any word we desire in doing so but if our “emotional energy” is of love the planet thrives and grows. If we use the same words filled with negative emotions, the plant will wither and die. The same applies to ALL life forms, even water which is a conscious life expression of Source!

Now think back through your life and remember all of the times when words have created a negative emotional response within you or perhaps times when you have used the same words directed to another life form. What is being sent and received at such times? What kind of energy is flowing and what will it create?

We are all Energy Beings playing a temporary game of pretending we are physical and we send and receive energy 24 – 7. What are we creating with our energy? How are we affecting other life forms with our energy?

We argue, blame, curse, argue some more, scream, have temper tantrums, throw things, perhaps even hit someone, call each other names and assign emotionally charged labels. Where does all of that energy end up, where does it go? It goes to the same place all of the energy does that is reflected back to us to experience, within our self! It should become much clearer why it is “our body” that has forgotten what love is and that it is loved because our body is holding onto all of that negative energy.

We are not taught here what to do with all of that negative energy. The process begins when we are a very young age, for some younger than others. We encounter the world around us and experience all of these negative charged emotions being flung our way. As a child we have no voice, we do not know what we are suppose to do with all of that energy and so what do we do? We try to survive by stuffing all of it deep within us, deep within our body in hopes that it will go away and leave us alone. Guess what? It is still there and needs to be healed so that you can heal back into balance.

Imagine the life of a child who is constantly told negative things on a daily basis, perhaps that they will never amount to anything, that they “cannot have” what they desire, to grow up and stop being so childish, to shut up and do as you are told. We have all experienced any degree of such within childhood and by the time we reach puberty we are ready to step outside of the control, spread our wings and do as we please but we still don’t know what to do with all of those emotions. Peers can be rough but you know what, they were not born like that, it is a learned trait.

When you hear the same things over and over again, when you experience the same energy over and over again, guess what it does to you? It “brainwashes your body”. You hear something enough times, experience the same energy enough times it turns on within your body and “becomes your beliefs”.

Not only do you now hold a false belief of yourself being a physical body because you cannot remember the true expression of yourself but you continue to take unto yourself more false beliefs about yourself and you begin to label yourself. You will be and express exactly as you believe yourself to be!

Then when you are suppose to be ready to take care of yourself and step into the mass arena you are carrying all of this baggage with you that you try to suppress and ignore because it is too scary not to do so and encounter a world that tries to push you down around every corner.

Is it any wonder the masses are swimming around within a sea of chaos? Everyone takes on the role of playing the victim, life is out to get them and everyone else but self is responsible for the misery, suffering and pain. Guess what those thoughts create, yes more of the same.

When we can heal to remember that the reality field is a mirror that shines back to us everything within us then we can start to heal to begin to take responsibility for our self and realize we are doing it all to our self because of what we believe about our self.

When we can remember that there exists imbalance and balance and negative charged labels only bury what needs to be healed from perception then we will begin to realize it is simply a matter of becoming aware of what requires healing. Again, we cannot experience anything if it is not a part of us as everything we experience is “within us”.

There is no separation between anything or anyone, separation is simply an illusion that a reality field allows for so that we can have individual experiences. There is much to know about that truth but not for this posting.

You are me, I am you, we are all the same and we are all in the process of healing from a state of memory loss that will allow us to remember that truth. I need you just as much as you need me. We are all in this together because we have all created it together and only by working as a whole can anyone heal.

People will continue to label and name things, people are still healing but you can choose how you desire to allow anything affect you, you can choose to take back your power, to take back control of yourself, take responsibility for yourself and not allow anyone else to be in charge of your responsibility but you can only do so from a space of love because imbalance only creates more imbalance.

It is time to “re-invent” yourself! What do you want to be? You can choose to play any role you desire, it is all a play after all. What costume or label do you want to adorn yourself with? Is your current costume working for you? If so, then no need to change it but if it is not creating balance, love, joy, peace and happiness then it is time to let go of all of those labels you have accepted as your own and create new ones that support your desire for healing into balance.

I AM statements are very powerful programming tools. The body listens to every thought you have and your thoughts tell the cells that make up your body how to perform to allow you to experience your thoughts. You and only you are the driver of your body.

To heal anything that is out of balance within our lives first requires awareness that it needs to be healed and then begin the process of recoding the thoughts that are keeping that compacted within our body.

As long as we are embodied within “this” reality field, absolutely everything we can become aware of and experience is dependent on how the body can translate energy to our awareness, absolutely everything. The way to become “more aware” of the unknown and to change our life experience is to “reprogram the body” and start chipping away at all of those false beliefs and labels we have stuffed within it.

The first and most important step is to remind the body what love is, what it feels like and that it is loved. How do we treat our body? We push it to do our bidding, we feed it all kinds of things that kills cells, we look at it in the mirror and see it as anything but perfect, we force it to wear clothes and shoes that creates pain so we can keep up with the latest fashions, we drug it so that it will shut up and we do not have to listen to its complaints, we deprive it of sleep that it needs to try to heal itself, we stuff it with anything and everything and wonder why it is stressed and we pretty much ignore it until it reaches a point of screaming so loudly we cannot. We most likely spend more time loving a car or truck than we do our body and yet, without our body we would no longer be experiencing the earth reality field.

How do you want to feel about yourself, how do you want to think of yourself? It does not matter what anyone else thinks, no one else is running your body. Begin creating new names, new labels for your body, for yourself and start getting rid of those false beliefs and false labels.

The strongest new label to assign is: I AM LOVE!

There are many ways you can reprogram the beliefs held within your body. You could take a picture of yourself and place it where you will see it daily and label it I AM LOVE. But most importantly, speak to your body as if you were speaking to a child and comforting a child. Tell it you are sorry for ignoring and abusing it. Tell it how much you love it. Tell it you are listening now and you will pay attention to its needs.

That may sound crazy but your body hears every single thought you have!