Open Eyed Meditation

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Open eyed meditations are fun.  You can do them anywhere by looking at anything. In this instance, we are going to use the picture posted above.  Just quickly read through the steps and then try it for yourself.  Notice how quickly you can refresh yourself, give yourself an energy boost or release stress build-up.

♥  Take a moment and settle into a comfortable position.

♥  Take a deep breath and begin to gaze at the photo above.  Notice the colors, the shapes and anything else that catches your eye.

♥  Now, allow your gaze to begin focusing on a specific section of the photo.

♥  Next, began to slow your breathing making each breath longer and longer until you no longer are thinking about your breath.

♥  Stay here as long as you wish and when you come back into yourself and again notice the world around you, take the time to savor your experience.

I love doing this type of meditation on a walk, at the lake, or in the garden. Nature in all of its many forms lends itself beautifully to this practice. In a busy day, this short type of meditation works well and integrates into all types of schedules. Try it and see if it can work for you!

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Doors Close, Doors Open…


It’s the end of one year and we are off and running into a new one. The new year is a metaphor for closure and new beginnings. However, we don’t have to wait until the end of the year. Each moment is a new beginning…if we choose.

There is an old saying, “when one door closes another opens.” It is all about choice. We can choose to let go, to release what doesn’t work for us, and go into the next moment, free and unencumbered. It’s a choice…your choice.

Just think…you have an opportunity to create something anew. You have the power of creation…just rearrange your thoughts into a new pattern, and “ta da!” a new line of probability opens. Whether you take that opportunity is up to you…again, your choice.

This is all about power, your power to make changes in your life by changing how you see life and by the choices you make. That’s why it’s called empowerment…in powerment…or the power within you.  This power within you is the spark that can light your way to personal freedom, personal power. This allows you to choose, each moment, what you want to think about…what you want to feel…how you wish to respond to life’s challenges.

The Choice is in the Now Moment. The past is past, the future hasn’t arrived yet…the only moment is now. The Now Moment is the space between the past and the future. It is the creation point for each choice you make.

So, get ready to fly. And just like the airlines, it is much easier to fly if you leave a lot of your old baggage behind. So, what will you release? What thoughts, relationships, and old ways of doing things are you ready to release or change?

Oh look, the door you want is opening…

Let go…let go…let goooooooo!

Step into the future…


Holiday Heart!


 All I want for the Holidays is an Open Heart!


For so many years, my heart was closed or only partially open.  Through fear, I had felt the need to protect myself from the world around me, relationships, myself and on and on. One day I realized that this wasn’t working for me.  I was miserable, depressed, isolated, and existing in a life that wasn’t worth living. Something had to be done! But what to do?

I had been traveling my Spiritual Path through using the principles of Science of Mind as formulated by Ernest Holmes and it came to me that I was going through the motions and not really embodying what I was telling myself I believed. I needed the change that comes from within and I knew that I hadn’t visited my “within” in a long time. Here, I thought was where to begin my spiritual transformation.

Daily I began to use the tools of meditation, prayer, monitoring my thoughts, being grateful, trying to stay in the now moment, and slowly I began to see positive changes! This was so exciting.  Tangible feedback that something was working in my life. Seeing the improvement, I was encouraged to continue my daily disciplines/tools to create change.

As I look back so many years later, I realize now that my goal of spiritual transformation was really one of “Opening my Heart.” I had opened the door to the flow of the “Divine Love of Source” and it felt good! No longer was I alone and isolated, but so Loved Filled that I could only see this world through the Eyes of Love.

Seeing the Divine in everything, I could only be Love, See Love, Connect with Love, and become Loving Source Manifested in this world. I had become the verb of Loving!

Now, I go about my daily living recognizing the Divine in everything. Connecting with the Divine in those I interact with, I no longer see only their perceived failings, but the pain of their journey where I can empathize and feel compassion, the joy of their successes where they have completed another step of their spiritual journey in this life and recognize the Gift that we all are to Source and this world!

Open your Heart and be the Gift of Divine Love Everlasting!

Remembering What Works!


This week has been an emotionally learning one.  My ride to “wisdom” has not always been easy and this one was no exception.  One of my “flows” had stopped flowing.  It was blocked and there appeared to be no moving it.  Nothing was working.  Sharing my situation with a dear friend, she saw that a brick wall was blocking my flow and my feet were moving a hundred miles an hour in an effort to knock it down.  What she further got was that I had to stop fighting it and surrender to what is.  Now I know all of that, but for some reason it had not permeated my conscious mind in the fear of the moment.

Fear is a big part of what is happening when things aren’t working. It can crop up so suddenly and stop everything!  Thankfully I have surrounded myself with a group of family and friends who will remind me of what I have lost touch with in the emotional moment of what is happening.  They are:

♥  Focus on the present moment and start your gratitude list. Being grateful for all of the small and big things that are working on a daily basis brings the focus back to what is working and how much of your life is working!

♥  Fighting goes against the flow! Fighting what is keeps us stuck in place  and allows nothing to flow.

♥  Surrender = Acceptance. Sit down, close your eyes, use your breathing to relax and accept the moment as it is. Keep doing this and string the moments together like a necklace until Acceptance enters your world and lives there.

♥  Focus on your strengths! What we focus our thoughts on manifests in our lives. Our strengths are Love, Gratitude, Acceptance, Sharing, Connecting, and seeing life through the eyes of awe and beauty!

♥  Our Strengths are what helped us to survive and evolve through life. By building on them, flow happens as an out-picturing of them at work.

If your week isn’t working out as you would like, take the time to reread this Blog and think about what I experienced and what I needed to remember.  Consider writing the 5 things to remember down so that you have them with you at all times. When the going gets rough, bring them out and reread them to remind you in this moment what to do.

Surrender = Acceptance

Accepting what is allows our flow to return!

Thankfulness, Gratitude and the Now Moment



Thankfulness and Gratitude are part of living in the Now moment. Living each day moment by moment allows one to appreciate all that is here, all that we are and all that the world has to offer.

There is more than the hatred, killing and destruction that occupies our news cycles 24/7. There is also hope, love, joy, sharing, and so much more. This is where I focus as I go about moment by moment living. The beauty of nature, a smile in the grocery store, courtesy as I drive through town, respect as a door is held open for me. There is so much in my life to be thankful for and sometimes gratitude so overwhelms me that it brings me to tears.

Living this way is a choice. I choose to live focusing on what works in a healthy loving way. I choose to see the beauty and the best in everyone and everything around me. I know that what I focus on manifests and I am tired of manifesting the negative emotions that I lived with earlier in my life.

I challenge anyone reading this to try it for a week or longer. Notice how you feel towards living and toward those in your life. See if your step isn’t lighter, smiles more readily appear on your face and your eyes have more light in them as you look into the mirror. No matter how desperate our circumstances, we have the Power to Choose how we feel.

Know that when we change, our world changes, and the world at large changes bit by bit. The more love and gratitude we generate, the more love and gratitude there is in the world. If we want peace, we first have to find it within ourselves!

Live your moments to the fullest and make the world a better place for all of creation! And remember, You Are Loved!!



Mindfulness Part 4

In mastership, everything seems to be interconnected. You can’t chop your life into little pieces thinking you’ll work on this piece, then that piece, then another piece, and that someday you’ll put it all together.

Don’t be surprised when you work on one aspect, another will come up for healing, and you’ll look at it and think “haven’t I worked on that one before? Haven’t I healed that?” It’s the peeling-the-onion-layers effect…as you peel off one layer, you see another one. And these aspects that come up for healing aren’t always good to feel. When they come up we tend to look out at life through those aspects/feelings.

Slow down and be patient with yourself and allow the frequency, the events, and all the people around you to come to a standstill. It’s like doing slow-motion on your television. You stop the action for a moment so you can think, or sense-feel, because you’re sensing with all your senses on what is Divine Right Action in this moment. When you come from this space you realize you have lots of choices. It allows you all of a sudden to understand that in creating your own life there are more choices than you can imagine when you step back and become mindful in that moment…and allow yourself to breathe and step into that space of mindfulness within.


Things trigger you and the fear comes up. You don’t have to know where that fear comes from. You don’t have to worry why. But it will come up when, on some level, you’re ready to release it. You’re stronger than you think you are. Fear is stuck energy, so we treat energy with energy and go back into the breath to stabilize. It’s the breath that will start helping you relax, slow the heart rate, and help the lungs expand so you’re not in the “fight or flight” situation. You want to see life through different eyes and not through your fear.

Be in the moment and breathe. Feel that power within yourself and you can make choices in the moment instead of reacting.