Fairness, Honor, and Integrity

Honesty means to refrain from lying, cheating, or stealing. It is aligned with concepts of fairness, honor, and integrity. However, most of us do not go out into the world with the thought “today I’m going to cheat someone.” What happens is what I call a progressive erosion of integrity. We get into a situation where if we say or do what we think is right, we’ll be ridiculed and lose face or prestige. Therefore we don’t lie, we tell a “little fib” or “white lie.”

In some instances we try to paint a different picture than what really happened by not telling the whole truth. In this case we convince ourselves we didn’t lie, we just didn’t tell the whole truth. We convince ourselves that it is okay, but what we are really doing is being dishonest with ourselves. Witholding the whole truth to paint a different picture than what actually happened is an example of intellectual dishonesty. Dishonesty, no matter the form, always lowers your spiritual vibration and erodes your sense of self.

Integrity is aligning with the truth of who you really are. You are pure spirit, and if you put your awareness on this thought or idea, you will always operate appropriately in any situation. An easy way to align with the energy of integrity is to put your awareness on your heart space and imagine a light. Then imagine a miniature you sitting on a chair…or standing…or dancing in the Inner Light. Check in periodically throughout the day to ensure you are still there.

When you center yourself in the light of your Authentic Self, you step into the truth of who you are. You automatically operate from your deepest truth. You not only act honestly, but you become honesty itself. You become a person of integrity.

Wisdom as Jewels

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As I close the door on 2014 and prepare to begin 2015, I took some time to review the lessons I learned in 2014. What had I learned and what Wisdom am I taking with me as I begin the new year?

It was amazing how many little things I had relearned as well as new wisdom to add to my “jewel chest.” I had a friend who had shared this concept with me many years ago and I have found that it works for me. Common usage labels strengths, skills, techniques, etc. as a “tool chest.”  While that is descriptive, it reeks of work and hard labor. On the other hand, acquiring jewels makes me think of color, beauty, life sparkle, and other adjectives that reflect how I would prefer to see my efforts out-picture.

So, Wisdom for me is a jewel to be treasured, nurtured and worn proudly! Let me share a few of the things I learned anew or relearned as I hadn’t paid enough attention to them the first time!

♥  Be patient and gentle with myself!

♥  Allow and accept help from others!

♥  Be present in my life!

♥  Appreciate what I have been graced with in this life!

Before you make a list setting out goals for the coming year, take the time to reflect on what you learned from last year. As you see your jewel chest overflowing with all of your colorful, sparkling, exciting jewels, notice how your life changes!

See your value in your wisdom! 

Make a commitment to adding to your Jewel Chest in 2015!

Goodbye and Hello

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As we start to say Goodbye to 2014 and Hello to 2015 take the time for a few moments of reflection.  Focus on what worked and not on what was wrong.  The more we can focus on our strengths or what works, the faster we can build the life we want.  As we know, thought creates and the thoughts we focus on manifest. So, it falls to reason that the more we focus on our strengths, the faster we can build the life we dreamed of living.

Ask yourself questions such as:

1. Was I a good mother, wife, employee or friend?

2. If yes, what did I do that helped me achieve that status?

Write down a list of your answers so you can reflect on them in the coming week.  Here are some of the items from my list.

1. I made time in my life for those relationships. They were important so I made them a priority.

2. I nurtured my relationships. Relationships are like plants.  They need to be watered and fed which translates into time and attention.

3. I was a good listener. We all need to be heard. We don’t need solutions, we just need to be heard.

4. I loved and didn’t judge. We all have our life lessons to work through. At those times, we need love, not criticism.

5. I encouraged, supported and praised the strengths I saw in them. We all need for others to see what we are doing right. We criticize ourselves enough and don’t need it from those around us.

Now, take the time to give yourself LOVE! We can never have too much love and most times we don’t love ourselves enough. This includes loving what you don’t like about yourself. All of those experiences helped make each of us the person we are today and it is a part of us. So, focus on Loving the total you!

 Have a Loving, Prosperous, and Joy-Filled New Year!

Intentions for 2015

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Growing up on a ranch surrounded by vineyards, the new year was always important. It was a fallow time of anticipation as we waited for the first sign of life. The tiniest bud that would indicate new growth, new possibilities, new life! All of the things we are anticipating for 2015 as we set our intentions for our future.

The best intentions always focus around intangibles. From these underlying thoughts our lives out-picture.  So, I have listed a few intentions/goals below to get you thinking as you ready yourself for the New Year!!

I AM Perfect, Whole, and Complete just as I am!

LOVE FLOWS through me 24/7!

I AM a Beacon of Happiness!

I SEE the Cup 1/2 Full in everything I do!

I AM a Positive Person!

Change how you think and your world changes!!

Remembering What Works!


This week has been an emotionally learning one.  My ride to “wisdom” has not always been easy and this one was no exception.  One of my “flows” had stopped flowing.  It was blocked and there appeared to be no moving it.  Nothing was working.  Sharing my situation with a dear friend, she saw that a brick wall was blocking my flow and my feet were moving a hundred miles an hour in an effort to knock it down.  What she further got was that I had to stop fighting it and surrender to what is.  Now I know all of that, but for some reason it had not permeated my conscious mind in the fear of the moment.

Fear is a big part of what is happening when things aren’t working. It can crop up so suddenly and stop everything!  Thankfully I have surrounded myself with a group of family and friends who will remind me of what I have lost touch with in the emotional moment of what is happening.  They are:

♥  Focus on the present moment and start your gratitude list. Being grateful for all of the small and big things that are working on a daily basis brings the focus back to what is working and how much of your life is working!

♥  Fighting goes against the flow! Fighting what is keeps us stuck in place  and allows nothing to flow.

♥  Surrender = Acceptance. Sit down, close your eyes, use your breathing to relax and accept the moment as it is. Keep doing this and string the moments together like a necklace until Acceptance enters your world and lives there.

♥  Focus on your strengths! What we focus our thoughts on manifests in our lives. Our strengths are Love, Gratitude, Acceptance, Sharing, Connecting, and seeing life through the eyes of awe and beauty!

♥  Our Strengths are what helped us to survive and evolve through life. By building on them, flow happens as an out-picturing of them at work.

If your week isn’t working out as you would like, take the time to reread this Blog and think about what I experienced and what I needed to remember.  Consider writing the 5 things to remember down so that you have them with you at all times. When the going gets rough, bring them out and reread them to remind you in this moment what to do.

Surrender = Acceptance

Accepting what is allows our flow to return!

Mindfulness Part 6

zen stones


When I go into a state of mindfulness, a state of silence within the silence, I start doing affirmations, which I do in the form of invocations, using the term I AM.

When you use the term I AM, you are stepping into the energy of your Higher Aspect of Self at that moment. When you use I AM, you are naming yourself as Source. Therefore I AM is also another term  for your God-Self. The words you choose to follow the term I AM  become the foundation of whatever you, as God-Source, are creating in that moment.

Power of Words

Think of what I AM statements you can use to help you affirm what you want to be in this moment. You could state “I AM Power.” Power is not a bad word, and it does not mean to dominate or have power over someone. True power is the empowerment within that gives you the impetus to make choices in your life. You could say “I AM Love,” and when you say I AM Love, you are imprinting your energy fields with those words. This is why it is so important to watch what words you follow I AM with. If you say I AM sorry, then you are using your power as God-Source to imprint sorrow upon your energy fields. So mindfulness is key…if we want to create ease and Grace in our life, we must watch the words we use and how we are using them.

Weaving a Tapestry of Sound-Light

When we bring in higher frequencies of Source, we are weaving our bio-fields as a tapestry of sound-light. When you muse on aspects of consciousness such as Love or Grace, you actually increase the frequency of your own bio-fields in that moment. This is something you can be aware of when you use your hands, whether cooking, creating something for the home, or just doing paperwork. When you create something with your hands, the frequency of your consciousness goes down your hands into what you are making. Whoever then uses what you have touched receives the frequencies you have put into it through your musings on aspects of consciousness such as Grace, Love, Patience, and Forgiveness.

You can also sing power into something. I sing when I am knitting, sometimes out loud, sometimes under my breath. Perhaps it looks like I’m knitting a shawl, but I really could be knitting Grace, Love, Patience, Mindfulness, Responsibility, or Acceptance. These aspects of consciousness are all part of the aspect of Love. If Love is the same frequency as Source, then anything that has a high frequency is all within the frequency of Love. If I do this when I knit, then when someone wears a shawl I made, they are going to be enfolded by that Love and that Grace, and it will help them feel in that moment they are safe.

It is important to be in as high a frequency of consciousness as we can manage when we create anything with our hands. For anything we make becomes a portal to the level or dimension of consciousness we are at in that moment of creation.

Be mindful of your thoughts, be mindful of your words. Be Mindful in the moment no matter what you do.


Mindfulness Part 5



I found some simple ways to teach myself to be mindful. And when I am mindful, I find that it ends up as a way of nurturing myself. Here are some suggestions in mindful nurturing, or nurturing mindfulness…they are both the same.

Use the breath to relax and view the world in a new direction and see the beauty around you. You can only see what’s in you, so by seeing the beauty outside, you’re seeing the beauty inside.

Conserve your energy. Find ways to bring the feeling of the country into the city.  You have the right to not be on the go all the time, to take time for yourself. Make time for Source. That’s part of conserving your energy.

Make time for yourself. Service isn’t always in the externals. We all have a need to take a moment for time with our Eternal Self...go into the Silence, or take a bubble bath, or read a book…do something just for yourself.

Allow space for Source. Bring in the wonderful energies of Source, the silver rain of Grace connecting you to the sparkling white light of Source. Add colors, glitters, and be creative on the inside, building your palette, your paintings, allowing the space for Source.

Listen for messages from your higher aspects of Self. You deserve to take time-outs, so you can do your greater mission, what you came here on earth to do.

Create and meditate. You can use any handiwork as a meditation. Using your hands to create will allow you to be more anchored in your body so that you can expand spiritually without getting spaced out. Get settled inside and create.

Give yourself permission. It’s okay just to be yourself…the authentically, genuine, you. Give yourself permission to sample all the suggestions above. When you give yourself permission to be whatever you want to be, whenever you want, and wherever you wish, you’ll find the joy of the child surging up inside. You’ll find yourself being the you that you came here to be.

If I Could Have One Thing What Would It Be?


What is the one thing in life you would have if it were possible?  This is a question worth considering over and over. There are so many tangible, material things we all want above and beyond what we have. How many times have we wished for or sought money, career, success, new car, jewelry, etc., etc., etc. So, how do we narrow it down? Or, maybe it is an intangible something. Again, how to narrow it down and focus on just one thing.

I pondered this for weeks as I evaluated my life, what I have achieved and what I hope to achieve.  What had value to me? I began to realize that for me, it was an intangible connection and expression.  Not something I could pull out and put on display, but something that was deep within me and had become an essential part of my Beingness and Spiritual Expression.

It was something that I realized I could not live without and it had 2 components to it.  It had a dimensional aspect to it along with how it manifested within me in this world. I use it and am it daily. I would gift it to everyone if I could. It is a gift to self that keeps on giving and giving.  What is this wondrous thing that excites and motivates me to continue on my spiritual journey? It is simply:

My relationship with Source and its appearance in my Beingness as an Open Heart!

I happen to call the spiritual or higher power that I relate to Source.  But it could be God, Goddess, All That Is, Universal Mind….so many names for One All Encompassing Power! Find the name that works for you and use it as you use the statement above as a daily thought to ponder. Then, spend time viewing the picture above and allow the beauty and largeness of it enter you.  Realize the beauty that it represents and know that you are a part of this magnificence.

As you reflect on this article in the weeks to come, use the following ideas that were mentioned above to help  you realize your Open Heart!

♥ Daily affirm “My relationship with Source and its appearance in my life as my open heart is the foundation of my life!

♥ Daily do an open eye meditation. Find a scene in nature, or a piece of art that moves you, a sunset, anything that brings you a feeling of peace, oneness, beauty, or love and gaze at it for 5 minutes or more while breathing it in and making it a part of yourself.

♥ As you do the open eyed meditation, also incorporate a mantra such as “I AM this beauty!” Or, possibly use ” I AM LOVE!”

Monitoring our Thoughts

thoughts_girl tilted head

Do you realize that the thoughts you have are giving your body operational instructions? Thoughts such as: I don’t think I can do that; I don’t think I have enough time; I don’t think….really, you don’t think? Or is it that you’re just not aware?

We’re so busy doing: going to work, going to the store, going to church, going to sports events…that most of the time our thoughts are in a whirl. When we’re not aware or mindful of what we’re thinking, our brains tend to default to clichés, because they’re the well-worn ruts of societal programming. They make it easy for us not to have any thoughts for ourselves but just to parrot general phrases by which we’re defined and which seem to suit our needs for the moment. It appears to make our lives easier on some level. But does it? What if I tell you that it’s your thoughts, propelled by emotion, that result in what you manifest in your life?

There is an energetic field that underlies all of creation. You have the ability to think something, put emotion behind it (thereby imprinting it upon this field), and have it eventually manifest in your hologram/life…or in your body. Have you ever thought or said to yourself when under stress, “I can’t take this,” or “I can’t stomach this,” and manifest digestive issues? Or this is a good one: “I can’t stand him/her/this situation,” and you sprain your ankle or end up with other leg issues. What this means is that you’re already a creator. Now you have to decide whether you want to create consciously and if you’re willing to put the time and energy into it to flip the grid and change your life. You can choose to become conscious or remain unconscious. Consciously choosing is an act of Power.

Conscious choice is part of being aware. Awareness is the key to monitoring what thoughts are running on automatic. You may find that simply a focus on Mindfulness will allow you to start seeing a pattern to your thoughts and the connection of your thoughts to the quality of your daily life.

Something to Ponder

The first step is to be the watcher not the judger of your thoughts. You just want to observe the thoughts and allow them to flow in and through you. Focusing on the breath allows you to slow down inside. It lowers the rate of your heartbeat, relaxes your muscles, unclenches your jaw, and soothes your digestive system.

Practice consciously slowing your breathing, focusing on the inhale and exhale of the breath. You can practice this when you’re walking to the store, when you’re waiting for events to start, or when you feel stressed at work. When you decide to allow the inflow and outflow of thoughts, your energy begins to flow more freely, insight occurs, and joy floods in.

Thankfulness, Gratitude and the Now Moment



Thankfulness and Gratitude are part of living in the Now moment. Living each day moment by moment allows one to appreciate all that is here, all that we are and all that the world has to offer.

There is more than the hatred, killing and destruction that occupies our news cycles 24/7. There is also hope, love, joy, sharing, and so much more. This is where I focus as I go about moment by moment living. The beauty of nature, a smile in the grocery store, courtesy as I drive through town, respect as a door is held open for me. There is so much in my life to be thankful for and sometimes gratitude so overwhelms me that it brings me to tears.

Living this way is a choice. I choose to live focusing on what works in a healthy loving way. I choose to see the beauty and the best in everyone and everything around me. I know that what I focus on manifests and I am tired of manifesting the negative emotions that I lived with earlier in my life.

I challenge anyone reading this to try it for a week or longer. Notice how you feel towards living and toward those in your life. See if your step isn’t lighter, smiles more readily appear on your face and your eyes have more light in them as you look into the mirror. No matter how desperate our circumstances, we have the Power to Choose how we feel.

Know that when we change, our world changes, and the world at large changes bit by bit. The more love and gratitude we generate, the more love and gratitude there is in the world. If we want peace, we first have to find it within ourselves!

Live your moments to the fullest and make the world a better place for all of creation! And remember, You Are Loved!!