Goodbye and Hello

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As we start to say Goodbye to 2014 and Hello to 2015 take the time for a few moments of reflection.  Focus on what worked and not on what was wrong.  The more we can focus on our strengths or what works, the faster we can build the life we want.  As we know, thought creates and the thoughts we focus on manifest. So, it falls to reason that the more we focus on our strengths, the faster we can build the life we dreamed of living.

Ask yourself questions such as:

1. Was I a good mother, wife, employee or friend?

2. If yes, what did I do that helped me achieve that status?

Write down a list of your answers so you can reflect on them in the coming week.  Here are some of the items from my list.

1. I made time in my life for those relationships. They were important so I made them a priority.

2. I nurtured my relationships. Relationships are like plants.  They need to be watered and fed which translates into time and attention.

3. I was a good listener. We all need to be heard. We don’t need solutions, we just need to be heard.

4. I loved and didn’t judge. We all have our life lessons to work through. At those times, we need love, not criticism.

5. I encouraged, supported and praised the strengths I saw in them. We all need for others to see what we are doing right. We criticize ourselves enough and don’t need it from those around us.

Now, take the time to give yourself LOVE! We can never have too much love and most times we don’t love ourselves enough. This includes loving what you don’t like about yourself. All of those experiences helped make each of us the person we are today and it is a part of us. So, focus on Loving the total you!

 Have a Loving, Prosperous, and Joy-Filled New Year!

Holiday Heart!


 All I want for the Holidays is an Open Heart!


For so many years, my heart was closed or only partially open.  Through fear, I had felt the need to protect myself from the world around me, relationships, myself and on and on. One day I realized that this wasn’t working for me.  I was miserable, depressed, isolated, and existing in a life that wasn’t worth living. Something had to be done! But what to do?

I had been traveling my Spiritual Path through using the principles of Science of Mind as formulated by Ernest Holmes and it came to me that I was going through the motions and not really embodying what I was telling myself I believed. I needed the change that comes from within and I knew that I hadn’t visited my “within” in a long time. Here, I thought was where to begin my spiritual transformation.

Daily I began to use the tools of meditation, prayer, monitoring my thoughts, being grateful, trying to stay in the now moment, and slowly I began to see positive changes! This was so exciting.  Tangible feedback that something was working in my life. Seeing the improvement, I was encouraged to continue my daily disciplines/tools to create change.

As I look back so many years later, I realize now that my goal of spiritual transformation was really one of “Opening my Heart.” I had opened the door to the flow of the “Divine Love of Source” and it felt good! No longer was I alone and isolated, but so Loved Filled that I could only see this world through the Eyes of Love.

Seeing the Divine in everything, I could only be Love, See Love, Connect with Love, and become Loving Source Manifested in this world. I had become the verb of Loving!

Now, I go about my daily living recognizing the Divine in everything. Connecting with the Divine in those I interact with, I no longer see only their perceived failings, but the pain of their journey where I can empathize and feel compassion, the joy of their successes where they have completed another step of their spiritual journey in this life and recognize the Gift that we all are to Source and this world!

Open your Heart and be the Gift of Divine Love Everlasting!

Beauty, Beauty Everywhere!



As I sit here and contemplate the holiday week to come, I am reminded of the vastness of the universe.  As the universe is so immense, intense, evolving, and beautiful, so are each of us!  As we look to the days ahead, I want to challenge everyone on this planet to look for the immense, intense evolving Beauty Within Each of Us! Our differences are beautiful and are what draw us together completing the beautiful tapestry that humanity represents.

Easy to say, but how do we do this?  Here are some suggestions:

♥   As you look into the eyes around you, recognize the Divine in all of them.

♥   Instead of looking for the mistakes or the bad in people, spend time looking for the kindness and love within them.

♥   Focus on being courteous, respectful and appreciative in your every action and behavior.

♥   Count your Blessings and realize that you have more than enough to share with others.

♥   Be a role model for a lifestyle of Loving Kindness!

Our entire world and everyone in it is Divine!

Respect that Divinity!

Love that Divinity!

Be that Divinity!

Let us build a Beautiful Tapestry of a Divine Humanity Together!


Detached Awareness, Choice of Action

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As we grow older, we start making more aware choices of where to we place our emotional energy. We are faced each moment with opportunities to decide where our energies go. Perhaps the television is on and candidates are debating. Do I watch them debate and take sides? Or do I just observe as a “silent witness?” I watch a show on television and people are arguing. Do I find myself tight with anxiety; do I get involved in the emotion? Or do I just watch it interestedly for the story or for the creativity involved in the production? How about walking down the street and hearing people arguing? How do I feel when I see children being yelled at by their parents in the park? Where do I place my energies when life happens?


I have a choice to take on the energies of other peoples’ issues. They’re not my issues, so why would I want to take them on? When I start getting emotionally involved in the issues of others, I have taken on some of that energy, and if I keep that energy in my fields, I get to have lots of opportunities to work through that energy and the charge around it. I also start to see life through the filters of that energy. I would think that each of us has enough of our own challenges to work through without taking on the energy of someone else’s challenges. This is a major issue for those people that are empaths, and “feel” for others.

The first step in not getting caught up in situations is to be aware. We may find ourselves traveling the path into an emotional storm, but the moment you become consciously aware of it, you can make a choice. You can immediately stop, take a deep breath, and step back. As you take a breath you can mentally state, “I have no argument with you.” You can then turn around and leave…if you choose. It’s all about choice of action and choice of being. Choice is an Act of Power.

When you get caught up in an emotional situation, you have changed the frequency of your energy by changing the level of consciousness you are acting from. The object is not to get into a state of emotional polarity but to step into, or remain in a state of unification within self. You want to be “in the world” but not “of the world.”

Detached Awareness

When you step into a state of unification of self, you are in a state of Detached Awareness. This doesn’t mean you don’t have an interest in the outcome, but you’re not attached emotionally to the outcome. The outcome becomes an interesting byproduct of the manifestation process. You can become the “silent witness” to the facts of a situation, and able to make observations and deductions based on a clarity of not having any filters to process the actions through. Detached Awareness in this way is not a passive way of approaching situations. It’s actually very active in that it makes you choose unity or polarity, and then act or observe from that position. If you choose unity, then you perform the actions of being engaged in the process of observation, but detached from the outcome. In this position you can allow the process to be what it is and allow Source to work through the process in Divine Right Order, and be emotionally okay with the result.

Something to Ponder

How does one get into a state of unity and balance within self? One way is to imagine there’s a secret and safe place within you. Imagine a mini self in that safe place, and put a comfortable chair in the middle of a safe, warm, welcoming Flame. Allow your mini self to sit in the chair, and envelope yourself in that Flame. Build that Flame as a pillar up to Source and down to Earth core. Then just breathe.

Practice expanding the Flame through the pores of your skin so that the pillar Flame is also around you. Observing situations from this place puts you into the Now Point, the Still Point, or what is also known as a Point of Unity. It unifies your mental and emotional bodies and allows clarity of thought to develop. Through this clarity, illusions drop away and you can see the Truth of any situation.