Mary Anne Callaway

FTCF Co-Founder, Board Member, & Executive Director

Mary Anne Callaway has been a student and teacher of spiritual subjects since 1978. After earning her B.S. in the Education field, as well as numerous Hypno-Therapist Certifications (CHt), she established her own private Hypnotherapist … Read More

Currie Byrd

FTCF Co-Founder, Board Member, & Director of Empowered Recovery Program

Currie began entered the world of substance abuse at a very young age, prior to the age of ten. Then, at the age of 36, and finally ready to change his life after a long history of substance abuse, he checked into a rehab facility.  He … Read More

Tammy Hollenbaugh

FTCF Contributor, Board Member, & Web Designer

Tammy grew up in a family consumed by alcohol addiction, but she did not realize that her environment was abnormal until her teen years. This is when she began to see, firsthand, how addictions can ruin the lives of not just individuals, … Read More

Reverend Dr. Melissa Higginbotham, RscP, DSS

FTCT Contributor & Board Member

The Reverend Dr. Melissa Higginbotham is highly educated. She has earned a B.S. in Music, an M.S. in the field of Logistics, a Doctorate in Spiritual Studies (D.S.S.), and is a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner (RscP.) and Certified … Read More

Lonny Low

FTCF Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Lonny was raised primarily in the Bay Area of California. During his formative years, Lonny vigorously pursued two very different, but compelling, passions: athletics and broadcasting. On the one hand, he was a track and field decathlon … Read More

Marie Love

Assisting Blogger

I am excited to be involved with the FTCF as the shared goal is to assist as many as possible to reclaim inner balance, peace, love and joy which is my personal passion. Why is doing so my personal passion? Because I have reached a point of … Read More

Margie Culbertson PhD

FTCF Contributor, Editor. and Communication Director

Margie is a semi-retired college professor with over three decades of teaching experience in many disciplines, from Child Development, to Psychology, Speech and Written Communication, Management, and Adult Education. She holds A.S., B.S., … Read More

Reverend Dr. Sandy West, LMFT

Reverend Dr. Sandy West

Rev. Sandy’s healing work with her clients led her to create an International Mentoring Program where she provides Spiritual Direction, insight and support for an individual’s healing journey. She brings a non-judgmental, loving and open approach to helping others. She guides the individual in discovering their strengths and helps them to build on these strengths as they develop their healing skills.