Introducing the Pathways to Wholeness



The Freedom Through Choice Foundation is pleased to roll-out our Pathways to Wholeness Program.    We invite you to take the first step on this journey by accessing the Pathways to Wholeness tab on our website.

How do we define Wholeness?

Our concept of Wholeness is broad and inclusive.   It reflects a day to day existence where we are not governed by our emotions and distracting idle thoughts.     Wholeness reflects deliberate, conscious, Source-centered free will choice at most times of the day, where we are not being driven by outdated unconscious programs or emotions running unchecked,

If we look to the discipline of psychology for insights, Wholeness would be a bit similar to Maslow’s concept of self-actualization, where an individual is concerned with fulfilling their potential…less concerned about the opinions of others and having “peak” experiences as a normal part of day-to-day living. Or to Jung’s concept of individuation where an individual grows to distinguish themselves from the general collective of humanity

If we look to spiritual traditions, we see that most religions have a concept of a deeper reality when we transcend the ordinary 3 dimensional experience.   Whether that state is called cosmic consciousness, nirvana, ecstasy, kundalini awakening, transcendent or illumination experiences, there is a place beyond the normal day to day existence where truth, enlightenment and joy resides.

At the FTCF, we refer to this place simply as Wholeness- a place where we realize that we are a Spark of Source and in this place we are free to express the divine within us.   We see, feel and express the joy and love of Source, and as we do, we cease to rely on “externals” of any sort for our happiness.     Wholeness is a journey- an eternally alive evolving state of consciousness consisting of stages of expanding awareness which spiral  outward allowing for an ever increasing embodiment of the love of Source.

How do we reach this place of Wholeness? In order to do so, it is necessary to free the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves that are not a reflection of conscious, Source-centered choice. Free from old mental programs and emotional patterns which do not reflect this Spark within us.

The Freedom Through Choice Foundation offers the Pathways to Wholeness….a step-by step program where we work to heal the emotional and mental aspects of ourselves that are a result of old, stuck programs, and thereby allowing conscious, free will choice to express. Our program crosses all disciplines— scientific, psychological and spiritual traditions- all of these traditions have much to offer on the path of healing.