Currie Byrd

FTCF Co-Founder, Board Member, & Director of Empowered Recovery Program

Currie began entered the world of substance abuse at a very young age, prior to the age of ten. Then, at the age of 36, and finally ready to change his life after a long history of substance abuse, he checked into a rehab facility.  He began his sober journey within the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous, but after 5 years he decided he wanted to learn more and, further, share to the world at large what he had learned. Thus, began his quest for the tools to help others.

Currie’s life story could be considered unique to him and his personal experiences, but they truly resonate with millions of others’ life stories. He is living proof that, in nurturing one’s “self-personal empowerment”, true healing and personal growth is indeed possible.

Currie’s spiritual journey for the secrets of this true healing and personal growth took him across the globe. Currie immersed himself in the spiritual culture of each new location he visited—from countries in Europe, South and Central America, India, and across the United States. Each place brought him face-to-face with new spiritual experiences and diverse belief systems and practices. During his ever-evolving journey of self-discovery and his search for healing and personal growth, Currie became reacquainted with what he considers the most sacred gift individuals have, the gift of free will choice.

Currie has been alcohol and drug free since 1997.

Mr. Byrd’s deep desire to share what he has experienced and learned is to help others to honor this sacred gift. This is what led Currie to co-create, with Mary Anne Callaway, the Freedom Through Choice Foundation in 2013.

Currently Currie serves as Director of the FTCF “Addiction Support Program.”