Lonny Low

FTCF Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Lonny was raised primarily in the Bay Area of California. During his formative years, Lonny vigorously pursued two very different, but compelling, passions: athletics and broadcasting. On the one hand, he was a track and field decathlon athlete, bound for athletic stardom. On the other hand, Lonny’s father owned an independent broadcast company which produced two “On the Sidelines. . .” NFL highlights sports shows, one for the Oakland Raiders and one for the Seattle Seahawks. Thus, television broadcasting loomed as a huge influence in Lonny’s life, and soon he found himself shooting footage from the sidelines as well as taking on the position of Production Assistant.

In 1977, Lonny won an Athletic Scholarship for Track and Field in the Decathlon from San Diego State University, and he began training for the 1980 Olympic Games to be held in Moscow. But fate intervened when the U.S. announced they were boycotting the games after Russia invaded Afghanistan. Lonny turned his efforts toward earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications & Film and Marketing.

One semester shy of graduation, Lonny’s father was recruited to produce two sports shows in Houston, TX, and Lonny was offered his own TV opportunity. This “temporary” sabbatical from college—the one semester he planned to take off before returning to school—became permanent as more media opportunities just kept coming his way. He never got that four-year degree, but, as Lonny puts it, “I guess my degree is in life.”

More life lessons were to come Lonny’s way, as three generations of his family dealt with alcohol abuse. In fact, Lonny himself successfully overcame his own struggles with dependency issues. Then, in the late 1980s, Lonny and many industry colleagues turned their creative energies toward putting together a 30 minute anti-drug television special. “Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue” was targeted at 4th graders and featured animated cartoon characters of every stripe. It was so well received by the critics that, in 1990, Lonny and the entire production and executive team were presented a special Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the piece.

Over his lifetime, Lonny has traveled the world, seeking the truths of our existence and an understanding of life’s great mysteries. Now residing in Colorado with his two daughters, he is involved in Conscious Real Estate. As Lonny explains, in Conscious Real Estate he is concerned with his state of Being within his business, especially how he counsels his clients. This directly runs counter to the usual “selling” focus of the real estate industry. As Lonny believes, his clients have entrusted him to assist them with fulfilling their real estate needs, and he must make these needs his primary goal. Therefore, he is more concerned about whether the property is right for the client, as well as whether them owning it is the right choice for them, than on making a sale. He is also actively involved in Planetary Stewardship—in order to strengthen the planet’s resilience and its ability to continue providing a safe space for human development. In addition, Lonny is fully involved in many ongoing Consciousness-raising endeavors.

Lonny is a strong believer in Self-Empowerment, and he believes in the core foundations of The Freedom Through Choice Foundation. He is fully dedicated in assisting the FTCF in bringing global awareness to the healing opportunities the foundation offers. Mr. Low serves as FTCF’s Director of Marketing and Community Relations