Margie Culbertson PhD

FTCF Contributor, Editor. and Communication Director

Margie is a semi-retired college professor with over three decades of teaching experience in many disciplines, from Child Development, to Psychology, Speech and Written Communication, Management, and Adult Education. She holds A.S., B.S., and M.S. (San Diego State U.) degrees, and she has completed four years of doctoral studies (U. of TX-Austin), and holds five teaching credentials and numerous post-graduate Professional Specialist Certificates.

For many decades, both within her degreed, academic disciplines and also within her many certified specialty areas, Ms. Culbertson has been published in print and electronic media publications within academia, corporations and organizations, and for individual decision makers across North America and Europe. Margie is in her fourth decade as a freelance researcher and writer across genres, always focusing on conveying true human respect in people-to-people interactions. Her book “Sales: Don’t just close a sale; open a relationship” was originally published in 1984 and updated in 2012 (see It focuses on a conscious, customer-based focus within the field of sales. In addition, she works with other writers, acting on their behalf as mentor, ghost writer, and copyeditor. Margie has also, since the beginning of her career, been in demand as a conference and convention keynote speaker.

Her writing, consulting, training, and conference/convention clients have included working with CEOs, their managers, staffers, and new hires at a multitude of top, global organizations in communication and human relations. Client companies have included: Apple Computer, the Institute of Banking, the Social Security Administration, Pacific Bell (and the other Bell regional companies), the University of Texas at Austin’s Teaching Effectiveness Center, the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and the Texas Department of Employment, and hundreds of others.

This fourth-generation, expatriate native Southern California blonde chose at the age of six years old—as a direct result of looking around her childhood home and seeing nothing but unconscious, self-destructive, and self-centered patterns and behaviors—to live a fully conscious life and not to repeat those patterns and behaviors. Thus, Margie has lived her entire life, since that young age, Consciously Centered on Being Aware and Being Affirming and Compassionate with herself and all peoples. Several of these special “peoples” include her two grown children—which she raised by herself—and their families (including eight grandsons and no granddaughters!) In sum, Margie firmly believes in two life-centering tenants: first, take time to notice the moments and the people, not just the milestones, and second, find the humor in life—as she believes in the healing power of fun and laughter.

It’s no surprise that Ms. Culbertson’s doctoral dissertation investigated “The Significant and Unparalleled Value Communicative Use of Humor in Human Interaction.” To do this research, she sat in comedy clubs and she filmed and studied the communicational cues of stand-up comics—much like how an anthropologist might sit in trees and watch chimpanzees (not that different, you say?) Ms. Culbertson has also written original humor for many years; created “The Humor and Life, in Particular” website in 1997 (teaching herself how to code HTML); and in 2009, she published a book-length collection of humorous short stories called “Laugh Your Shorts Off” ( by collating, coordinating, and editing the stories and biographies of the 70 authors featured in the book, and by designing and painting the cover art.

During her entire life, Ms. Culbertson has traveled extensively across North America as well as Europe, making presentations and absorbing as much knowledge about anything and everything that she can. She continues to immerse herself in studying, writing, mentoring, and teaching about Global Conscious living, meditation, mindfulness, flow, compassion, brain research, learning, memory, neuroplasticity, the aging brain, nutrition, and Hatha Yoga. Margie feels very much at home as a member of the Freedom Through Choice Foundation Management Team. She is thrilled to support FTCF’s growth-producing work as its Contributor, Editor, and Communication Director.