Marie Love

Assisting Blogger

I am excited to be involved with the FTCF as the shared goal is to assist as many as possible to reclaim inner balance, peace, love and joy which is my personal passion. Why is doing so my personal passion? Because I have reached a point of inner healing that allows me to remember what “I” recognize as truth of the “cause” for the imbalance that exists within the world play and I know what is available to experience when the majority of a planetary population express in balance. I desire to share what I carry to share with the world as a result of my deep compassion and love for all of creation. I desire to gift the love of Source that flows through me ever so gently and carries me along through the many lessons of healing.

I have always had a deep, personal relationship with Source, have always turned to Source to guide me and carry me when needed and was quite shocked when I first became aware that not all people know of a personal relationship with Source. It is the most important relationship you can ever have and like all relationships, the more love you put into it the more you receive. It is “my truth” that when the people of earth remember, experience, feel this deep relationship with Source there will be no imbalance within the reality field.

Some would label me as a clairvoyant or psychic and I am aware that labels are simply a part of healing into truth. All people should experience such things which would eradicate all thoughts that such qualities are “extra” in some way. I am not “extra” in any way, I am simply my unique expression of Source. All will eventually heal to turn back on what most currently consider to be extra abilities and there are a whole lot more than anyone currently has awareness of. We all hold the “same abilities” and they should all work as easily as our thoughts flow through us. There are many reasons why that has not been the “normal experience” on earth for a very long time and within my personal website ( and social media I continue to offer for consideration the pieces I continue to become aware of that offers answers to reasons of why that is not currently the normal experience.

I do not do readings as I do not hold people’s answers about their self but I do have open communication with what many people would at this time consider my “higher conscious mind” which allows me to see, experience and reach beyond the illusion of the body and the earth reality field. Doing so is no more special than we might consider breathing but until one heals to reclaim such natural abilities it will seem as though such people who might be regaining some such abilities are unique or special in some way. We are ALL special, special beyond imagination and it is my passion to assist as many as possible to remember the truth of what that means.

Today I am completely aware why there are so many belief systems within the world stage and I have healed to remember that “everyone” is absolutely correct in whatever they hold as their beliefs. How can that be so? Because we are all creating and experiencing our “own” reality field and we are doing so via our thoughts and our chosen beliefs so everyone is exactly correct about their reality field because they are creating it.

There are “many” layers that require healing and the reasons are completely out of the box of any and everything currently considered to be “main stream beliefs” but the process of healing anything can ONLY occur through love as love is absolute balance.

I do not hold all of the answers and it is not possible for anyone to hold all of the answers because no one can hold that much energy open within the human body. Do you know how Source gets all of the answers into a reality field? By encrypting them within everything and everyone within the reality field. The “whole” holds the entire image and only by working together as a whole can we return that image to the original, balanced one.

Thank you FTCF for allowing me to be part of our shared, Source journey. Together we have created all of it and together we can heal all of it! If I did not believe that to be absolutely true, I would not state as such.