Tammy Hollenbaugh

FTCF Contributor, Board Member, & Web Designer

Tammy grew up in a family consumed by alcohol addiction, but she did not realize that her environment was abnormal until her teen years. This is when she began to see, firsthand, how addictions can ruin the lives of not just individuals, but of entire family systems.

Ms. Hollenbaugh was able to break that cycle of addiction for herself within her own family. Soon, her family’s lives were out of control. She found that she could no longer simply deal with the cycle of family system addiction found in her family member’s behaviors. She realized that she could not simply go on using the day-to-day living tools of coping and surviving which she had acquired living in this environment. She began to recognize that she was at risk herself—that this family addictive cycle easily spreads from one generation to the next, and she did not want to be caught in that cycle.

This led her to search for answers to the many challenges which life presents in a much more healthy and conscious manner. Thus, she began to undertake a personal, inner, spiritual journey which has opened up to her both an awareness and deep understanding of addiction, life challenges in general, and the many issues millions of people encounter in their day-to-day lives. Tammy is living proof that healing and recovery is possible.

During her self-consciousness journey, Ms. Hollenbaugh soon came to the realization that each individual must first desire healing.  She is eager to sharing her personal journey with all who are seeking more understanding and support for the challenges life can present.

She believes that sometimes all that is needed to support another person’s desire for a better life for themselves is to listen to them without judgment. Most importantly, Tammy believes that we are all a part of a “collective”, and are playing the role of being human for only a short time. She firmly believes that it is only as a collective can heal the whole of humanity. She fervently believes in, is consciously aware of, and willingness to help all of us come together to support whole body healing.

Ms. Hollenbaugh is a prized Contributor and also serves as the FTCF’s Web Designer.