Mary Anne Callaway

FTCF Co-Founder, Board Member, & Executive Director

Mary Anne Callaway has been a student and teacher of spiritual subjects since 1978. After earning her B.S. in the Education field, as well as numerous Hypno-Therapist Certifications (CHt), she established her own private Hypnotherapist practice at which she saw clients for over 15 years. In addition, for over 25 years, Ms. Callaway has been a meditation teacher and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP) practitioner. She also taught in the capacity of Adjunct Professor at several colleges in the eastern Pennsylvania area on such topics as: “Hypnosis for Self-Healing,” “Overview of New Age Philosophy,” “The Role of the Unconscious in the Healing Process,” and dozens of meditation courses to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Ms. Callaway’s has traveled the world extensively, from deep in the Amazon jungle to the foothills of the Himalayas, studying and experiencing the spiritual and the mystical. Further, her highly honed experience in working in the international global community afforded her the position of COO of an online educational company for over 10 years.

Mary Anne lives her life committed in service to others. Her over-arching goal is to disseminate information to others, through whatever means available, so that they can exercise their most powerful gift — their ability to use free will choice to make positive and permanent changes in their lives. Using her innate, well-traveled, well-trained, and highly adept strengths and abilities to assist individuals, Mary Anne has helped scores to engage their inner resources and innate personal empowerment to deeply and positively change their lives.

She is continuing her heart’s life’s work by serving as Executive Director of the FTCF.