Reverend Dr. Melissa Higginbotham, RscP, DSS

FTCT Contributor & Board Member

The Reverend Dr. Melissa Higginbotham is highly educated. She has earned a B.S. in Music, an M.S. in the field of Logistics, a Doctorate in Spiritual Studies (D.S.S.), and is a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner (RscP.) and Certified Interfaith Minister. She has traveled all over the world for over 39 years, using her credentials to guide and teach in both spiritual as well as parochial subjects, including: Music, Sound and Energy Healing, Leadership, Logistics, Consciousness, Spirituality, Color Healing, Self-empowerment, and Meditation.

A deep commitment to service drives her focus on dealing with the practical spirituality aspects of life in order to help others find the strength to take the necessary steps towards wellness on all levels. She regularly posts messages on Facebook and Twitter to support and remind others of the power of choice, of their inherent divinity, and the strength they have within themselves to become self-sovereign.

She has produced two CDs of spiritual music to help others in their journey toward self-empowerment, self-sovereignty, and healing. She’s currently working on a third CD, combining the power of the spoken word with music, to help others train their subjective/subconscious minds to focus on ways of thinking which could change their day-to-day reality and, thus, their way of life.

Dr. Higginbotham is a highly-valued Board Member and Contributor for the FTCT.


Twitter: @aquariflame